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Rihanna Lebron James Instagram

Rihanna Tags Lebron James In Bikini Instagram Pic

We live in an interesting time when it comes to social media. On one hand, this is the age of oversharing. People hop online to rant, rave, put people on blast, and air out ALL of their personal business for complete strangers.

On the other hand, social media users tend to think that every tweet, Instagram caption, meme, emoji, like, favorite and retweet is some hidden message left for us to decipher.

That brings us to Rihanna’s latest Instagram post. The bikini-clad Bajan posted a pic of herself catching a few sun rays, while rockin’ some Dior shades with “23” written on her stomach. Thing is, she captioned the photo “mood” and tagged Lebron James.

Now, this could mean absolutely nothing at all. Maybe Rihanna considers herself a “king” and thought it appropriate to tag the Cavs’ superstar. However, as a married man, some might feel that this is out of order. Depending on her petty levels, Savannah James might feel a way about it. Can’t you just imagine the conversation?

Lebron: Hey baby, I’m home.

Savannah: I seen ya lil friend tagged you in a pic on IG.

Lebron: Huh? Who?

Savannah: Mmmhm *eye-rolls*. You know who the f*** I’m talkin’ about.

If you’re Lebron’s wife, do you have a problem with this?

Image via Instagram


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