Vibe Out To Eric Bellinger’s Latest Single ‘Spare Time’ Plus Exclusive BTS Interview

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Eric Bellinger Releases New EP ‘Eventually’ And Talks About Working With Your Favorite Artists

Hot new music alert!!!

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Eric Bellinger is set to release his new EP ‘Eventually’ soon on May 27th. But guess what! You can pre-order in NOW through iTunes.

Eventually, previously released on Valentine’s Day, had 9 tracks well received by fans and supporters. Now Eric is set to re-release ‘Eventually’ next week on May 27th with 3 new tracks – ‘Spare Time’, ‘Volunteer’, and ‘You Look Amazing’. Check out the hot single ‘Spare Time’ which you’ll receive instantly when you pre-order the complete 12 track EP…

Song: Spare Time
Producers: Khari Cain & Brandon Bell

The bonafied songwriter and R&B singer will also be performing this year at Essence Music Festival. Bellinger will be joining a star-studded line up alongside Mariah Carey, Kendrick Lamar, Maxwell, Ciara (link), and many others.

We caught up with the R&B crooner in LA to talk about ‘Eventually‘ and how his own relationship plays into the music.

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Tell us the meaning behind the title of the project ‘Eventually’.

Eventually, the songs are pretty much, I like to think about the project as like hope, for women or even for men. You know it’s some fellas out here that are looking for someone to speak up, represent and be an example. But with all the craziness that is going on today and with all the negativity based around relationships and how they don’t really mean the same thing that they used to, I just wanted to make a project called eventually just to give women the hope that yo if you do this, if you do this, if you do this, then eventually…

Can you describe the single?

It’s going to be a song called “Spare Time”. I’m really happy about that one. It’s the last song I did for the project. So I had all these songs that I was already putting out and then I had that one and it was kind of a decision to save it or put it out now. And I always like to put something out that fresh for where I’m at sonically as far as my writing style and where I’m at as an artist because a lot of times we do music but it doesn’t come out for a long time so by the time people hear it, I might not be on that wave necessarily anymore but I always try to make sure they have something like that’s where I’m at right now so you always know the swag is current. It’s never expired or old.



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