Confirmation: The Jackson Family Attempted An Intervention For Michael Jackson

- By Bossip Staff

The Jackson family tried to perform an intervention with Michael but the drugs and slimy handlers would not let that happen:

Tito Jackson, the late Michael Jackson’s brother, has spoken out and confirmed rumors that he and his siblings did, in fact, try to stage an intervention for the troubled singer, who was struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs before his death…Continue

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  • Adannaya


  • 2dimplzs

    One more thing, Michael was a grown man and no one could force him to do anything he didn’t want to. He had to want to stop taking the drugs. He’s been battling this addiction for years and I’m sure after a while he convinced himself that he didn’t have a problem and didn’t need help. It’s very sad, but the family did try to intervene. I can only imagine what they are going through as new developments continue to come out… tragic.

  • SexxyILove

    What aboout privacy? The Jackson family must be doing bad because almost everyone is doing interviews for cash now. What about keeping your family business w/in the family. “Everything isnt for Everybody” is what my daddy used to tell me.

    How can they sell out like that especially LaToya and Joe jackson ugly asses and then try to get indignant when someone else says something about them.

  • SexxyILove

    MJ looks so cute in this picture

  • WhoKnew?


  • honey

    I will always love Michael Jackson….

  • chaka1

    This is true. They were doing interviews about this weeks before he died.

  • Sharie


  • WhoDat

    i would rather hear it from them(Jackson family) then that speculation on the news every 5 min. But the worst so far is seeing his hair catch on fire at that Pepsi comercial. Yesterday every news channel played it like 500 times. i don’t want to see it no moe! and i know the Pepsi Co dont want to see it!

  • Bohwe

    This is exactly why I have no love for the Jackson family. They talk too much. MJJ was a private person, yet for some reason these people, seem to put all of MJ’s negativity on blast, when he’s not here to defend himself. I have questions for the Jacksons:

    1. While MJJ, was struggling with his “drug addiction”, were you still accepting checks from him in the process? Are you were trying to pretend you didn’t see it?

    2. So, this family knew that MJJ was addicted to drugs,yet the grandkids you loved so much was still living with their father.I mean why they didn’t go to court and tried to get the cops to put him in rehab, or demand the kids be taken away from him, for their benefit, Gloria Allred would have been willing and able to get the kids.

    3. Is Tito upset that MJJ left money to his sons musical group 3T , instead of him and his siblings and daddy?

    4. Why go to tabloids with the story, instead of a reprobable(sp) media outlet, like 20/20?

    5. Do they realize that saying that MJJ inflicted his own pain by becoming an addict, it pretty much clears or make it easier for the doctors not to be charged with manslaughter? I’m thinking now that the “family” is acknowledging the fact that MJj had an addiction problem, than the defense can say, well see, our client wasn’t around MJJ all the time, so there is no way of telling if he injested something on his own, that counteracted with the prescription our client gave him, thus it isn’t his fault. There are so many scenarios the defense can bring up, which would be logical since the family already trying to destroy MJJ’s credibility.

    5. With family like the Jacksons MJJ didn’t need enemies.

  • comment

    No one can comment on this unless they really know, when you are addicted you know it but stopping it is a different story, if you are addicted to opiums your brain tells you that you cant stop and even wants more. Getting clean from these type of drugs are hard and painful and if you have a disease that makes it worse. I have lupus and I am always in pain sometimes I may take more percs than another day I want to not take them at all but the pain is too bad. I heard Michael had lupus, my hair is falling out, I can hardly walk, my legs hurt all the time. I swell it is more than a notion and sometimes I cant sleep the pain is so bad so dont speak on things you know nothing about.

  • too cute

    thats great that his family tried to help him,unlike the shady doctors and some of his friends who were only concerned about money not Michael ,didnt try to help him,they only received money to aid in his dependency,such a sad situation

  • Bohwe

    And for the record MJJ, preacher/counselor said that MJJ had told him many things , but he would never discussed it. But the one thing he said that MJJ wasn’t happy at all. And Tanika from Extra almost cried, because she said that she hated hearing that.

    And how would the Jacksons even know if MJj was addicted to drugs, if he has the say were kept out of his life, by his enablers/handlers? Was MJJ just tired of them pressuring him to get rehab, or was MJJ just irritated with them,because his focus was on his kids, private life? Because Lou Ferugno(The incredible Hulk) had been friends with Michael for years was training him for his comeback said the times that he worked with month, a month before his passing, Michael didn’t show signs of addiction. And MJJ close friend said that he was around MJJ, and he didn’t show signs of problems. And the singers that were working with MJJ for the 02 concerts said that he was active, talkative and was able to perform, they didn’t sense any negativity. Now all of a sudden the family who probably didn’t see Michael in months wants to talk about his addiction. GMAB! There’s no case if MJj was addicted to meds himself.

  • comment

    Why does everyone call the doctors shady, a person knows what they know. Again you know and after taking the drugs so long they dont work and you need more. drugs are powerful and sometimes a person says well they are prescription drugs so that is ok but if you are over doing it , it doesnt matter you need to try and find a better way if there is a better way. I am not saying he needed all that they say he took but we will never know.

  • Bohwe

    I’m only speaking on the fact that Michael’s family needs to stop doing interviews disparaging MJ’s life and memory. We already knew that he had an addiction problem in the past, and possibly before he died. My whole thing is this: we the public donot need to know about MJ’s personal struggle with addiction. Why couldn’t his family just talk about the positive things MJJ did. Because as family, they should want only positive things being spoken. It upsets me that his friends, Brando, Lou Ferigno are coming to his defense. And to sell the story to the tabloids is just sick in my opinion. I would hate to think of MJJ kids realizing that their family is confirming what Gloria Allred said, about MJ being unfit to raise his kids.

  • lanette

    I wish people would let him rest in peace. Lord knows he deserves some peace.
    RIP my love MJackson

  • hope4more

    All of them need to go sit down and be like Katherine, say nothing negative about your love one not here anymore. God rest his soul cause that family of non-entertainers will work him until they can’t get another dollar out of interviews and then turn to Katherine.

  • Ms. Informed

    I totally agree w/ BOHWE, like i said b4 EVERYTHING ISN’T FOR EVERYBODY!!!!!! The Jackson’s need to keep MJs legacy alive and positive. Why keep feeding the media firestorm that paint MJ in a negative light. LaToya , Joe, Tito should all be ashamed profiting off their dead brother. Scumbags

  • Bohwe

    This is what I’m trying to say, MJJ legacy should be that of musical and dance genius, and like all geniuses he suffered for his pain, which reflected through his art. Like a reporter said, out of MJ’s pain, he wrote some of the most beautiful songs. I know he had pain in his life, but i don’t want to dwell on that, I want to remember his enormous talent and his love for people. It isn’t my place to condemn this man for his demons, because only God truly knows what MJJ had to go through. We , the fans , and even his family have no right to label him. The only thing we should be concerned about is his music. It just sickens me that MJJ was extremely private, and the first thing his family wants to do is discuss his drug abuse, yet when something positive is reported by his security and personal photographer saying that he had a girlfriend which was his children Grace Rwaramba, his sister Latoya wants to say that it’s a lie, and say she liked him, but he didn’t like her. How does she know? Grace and Michael knew each other for years, we don’t know what went down between those two. Michael was private, he oould have shared a secret life with Grace. Something posistive being written and the family tear it down. Sad. I would want my brother to find love. I hope the story is true. MJJ needed love.

    and Tome Tome,the man that MJJ hired to get his assets in order, said that he sat down with MJJ, to cut costs, and MJj suggested letting Grace go. And Messeri always mention Grace with the Jackson family. With a smile, so obviously there was a bond there with MJJ and Grace. I don’t know just wishful thinking, that he was in a loving relationship.

  • Bohwe

    The media hasn’t done anything , when Joe Jackson went to the BET AWards and promoted his Ranch records, and later mentioned how he noticed talent in 2 of MJJ’s kids, and Paris wanted to go in the family business, that’s when the media began ripping Joe apart. And because of the fact that MJJ put his father on blasts in many interviews , it just gave the media ample ammunition to go after Joe. And even though Latoya admitted to being brainwashed, and made the stories up, just like she help destroy her brother life, she also jacked up Joe’s reputation. MJJ was a perfect example of what can happen when something is repeated over and over again, people began to believe it. Joe maybe an angel, but the things that come out his mouth, makes him look real bad. If the Jacksons would stop it with the telling stuff and conduct MJJ’s life with privacy than people wouldn’t talk.

  • Teena

    Poor Michael. This simply proves that despite some of the horrendous details of Mike’s life that’s been revealed to the media, his family, even as the Jackson’s, were like many other families in america. They saw their loved one in trouble and did what they could to save him. My heart goes out to all of them.

  • leave-it-be


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