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Airplane cabin
Many of us find ourselves rolling our eyes when flight attendants ask us to turn off our electronic devices before our flights take off. And while many of us defiantly follow the simple rule, there’s that little voice in our head that makes us wonder: are we putting our safety at risk? According to Travel + Leisure (T+L), research claims when cell phones remain on during a flight, its signals become stronger, therefore congesting the network signals that are on ground level. Because of that, pilots may have a harder time maneuvering the aircraft. However, it’s not proven whether the signals from cell phones or other electronic devices will cause an airplane to crash. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) banned the use of cellphones on air crafts in 1996 to protect against radio interference…

Serious Question: Do You Remove Your Wedding Ring For Interviews?

Yesterday, one of my colleagues brought an interesting article to my attention, which was published by XO Jane. The essay was titled “Why I Don’t Wear My Engagement Ring To Interviews,” and the writer, who opted to remain anonymous, explained why she eventually decided to leave her diamond ring at home when meeting with potential employers. Despite the fact that she never experienced any noticeable forms of discrimination when interviewing while wearing her ring, she determined that another way to stack the odds in her favor was to present herself sans the ring because discrimination. On some levels, I completely understand her concern. It seems that when interviewing for a new position, you have to present yourself as a flawless specimen of humanity just to be considered a serious candidate. Any tiny indication that you might cause a potential disruption in the workflow, and your interviewer will escort you out of the door faster than you can ask, “How soon should I expect to hear from you?”

“Happy Chewbacca”: Funny Viral Clip Helps People Out Of Depression

happy chewbaca
While the “Happy Chewbacca” video is the epitome of what happens when you give humans social media, it is spreading some good cheer throughout the world. The clip was uploaded by a Texas woman named Candace Payne to Facebook on Friday. The video features the mother sitting in her car in a Kohl’s parking lot, raving over her newest Star Wars memorabilia purchase.
As she tells viewers to be patient while she struggles to open the box you can hear her instantly recognizable laugh. When she finally does get the box open, she reveals a Chewbacca mask that makes its trademark grunting noise whenever the jaw is activated. Chewbacca’s grunt combined with Payne’s laugh has equalled the newest viral hit of 2016…

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