Kim Kardashian Gets BamBoozled: Watermelon & A SuperSoaker???

- By Bossip Staff

Looky What We Have Here!!! It seems that Kim K. has had a mini photo shoot. We all know that Kim Kakes is over in South Africa right now. We just hope that this is not the way she would express her experience and journey in Africa…

Pop the Top To See More Curves

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  • dreamer40

    first…and I’m so sick of the watermelon stereotype. Just another way for mainstream culture to make a caricature about us that makes no sense. What, we black folk can’t enjoy a fruit filled with vitamins and health benefits without it being a joke?

  • Divine

    So basically, nothing to report, just wanted to post more Kim Kardashian pictures because you are obligated and are paid to do so.
    So you save these pictures, because you have no reports from Africa…SLACKERS….

  • Jay the Real One

    she need to let some of that melon juice run down her breasts…yea…

  • Sharie

    Good googely- what lucky watermelon ( not to mention those two on her chest) goodness gracious!!

  • Samuel Jackson Beer

    I’d super soak her

  • PO10TiAL

    She has been blessed.. i just dont see how anyone could have a serious relationship with her after the whole RayJ deal.. but to each-is-own Reggie…… to each is own.

  • random guy

    Watermelon is native to South Africa (seriously look it up, not a joke) and it was exported to other countries.

  • random guy

    If you weren’t ignorant I wouldn’t have to point out that fact to you 🙂

  • ms K

    Is Kim the only pretty girl that is left to blog about.There is alot of black ladies that I would rather see and hear about.Damn do she have to have the black blog spots too.And please don’t replace her with anymore Beyonce mess either.

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Kim k may own a percentage of this site!

  • K-mia

    Lmao! This girl’s hilarious! I bet it was yummy tho. And obviously she likes to eat, look at that tummy.

  • pm

    Kim kakes and watermelon it’s offical, christmas in july for black men around the world

  • Honeebubble

    I thought I was the only one observing the baby toe – lol – gtfoh…..proof that no matter how fine there is a flaw some where….lol

  • http://bossip PrettyLady

    lol! she was looking good all the way.. til u got down to her TOES!Lmao..

  • Shay

    Why did we need to see this?


  • Jay

    KIM K. Looking good as always!!!! I am sorry ladies but we brothas love this chick!

  • candi

    Where are the black men when you need them for a Kim. K post?

    I guess this topic was too touchie for ’em

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    Kim K. if you’re reading this, please tone up your thighs. They look loose and you’re only getting older. I’m sorry but this chick is gross and hairy and she looks like Mr. Ed.

  • Soul Touch

    lol @ Sticky-n-Sweet

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    it’s not hate, it’s called not being a followers of the media and having an opinion.

  • NEC2K

    Kim is beautiful! Dam her!

  • Young Obama

    Kim K is on point!

  • J Roc


  • Speaker Of The House

    Kim is a Goddess and many of us black men love her!



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