‘Shahs Of Sunset’ Catch Fade: Reza Farahan Says GG Golnesa Tried To Beat The Brakes Off Him & His Husband

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Catch fade!

Reza Farahan Blasts GG Golnesa

Reza Farahan recently went off on a fellow “Shahs of Sunset” star for allegedly attacking him. The Bravo personality was recently on New York Live and blasted GG Golnesa for being  a “snake who jumped him and his man.”

“We’re like a group of friends,” said Reza. “There’s like five friends and we have this pet snake, and no matter how nice you are to the snake, you can feed it, take care of it, shelter it, at some point, the snake is going to get you…and the snake got us.”

He later spoke with Page Six and encouraged her to get help while noting that she also has a hearing problem and a bad temper.

““I think that GG is a very sick individual, and not just whatever ailments she’s claiming on the show. I think she really needs to evaluate her life,” the Bravo personality told Page Six on Monday. “I mean home girl needs to get a life coach, see a shrink. B*** needs some help.”


“She has a lot of things going on, a lot that people don’t know. And I’m not saying this to be mean at all, whatsoever, but she doesn’t hear all that well,” he continued.
“And so someone who has a hair-trigger temper, who doesn’t have anything to do all day long, and who can’t heart, that’s like a lethal combination. And she drinks all the time. Imagine being out with someone who’s angry all the time, can’t hear and is drinking? They’re going to think everything anyone says is a personal attack or an insult.”

Reza has since taken to Instagram to blast GG and to show the scratches his husband sustained from GG’s attack.

Yikes! GG is known to have a temper…

Peep GG’s response to the catch fade rumors on the flip.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.11.03 PM
According to GG she didn’t attack Reza’s husband, he just got injured in the melee.


Do YOU still watch “Shahs of Sunet”???

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What do YOU think about GG’s actions???

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