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- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

We know some of you haven’t seen that crazy Pastor Manning in a while, here you go, we know you were feenin’.

If you don’t know who Pastor Manning is, you better recognize, he has the funniest video on the net right mow.

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  • Ms. Kerr


  • Alexander O'Neal

    slow day huh?

  • http://deleted Billy Blog Thorton

    Ho sit your ass down!!!

  • I'm Just Me

    I cannot even watch this coonery!

    On March 4 in the year 2008

    And where had he been. Doesn’t he know before FDR became President the Republicans were for Blacks! Republicans were most of the abolilitionists that were helping blacks during the undergroud railroad, fighting for an end to slavery in the south, and fighting the rights of blacks in the early 1900’s.

    Why is this man around? Why? He looks so foolish up there. The spoof of his was great.

  • Alexander O'Neal


    yup @ I’m jus’t me

    The Republicans were the ‘old’ democrats…

  • Drebe

    This is a case of Postdramatic Slave Disorder.

  • Nita is Puzzled

    In other fake negro news: if y’all go over to DListed, y’all see an article on Robert Downey jr playing a white man pretending to be a black man for a war movie……

    i’d have never have known that was Robert Downey Jr. I thought that really was a black dude. Something is wrong with me.

  • Big C Here

    This poor Reverand needs to take into account the percentage of voters that are black in comparison to the percentage of the entire number of voters…{{shaking head}} Free school for dumb nicca’s!!!

  • Nita is Puzzled

    @Drebe wrote, “This is a case of Postdramatic Slave Disorder.”

    ^^ me: a case of laughing, to keep from crying.

    you hit it on the head, drebe.

  • Big C Here

    @ Drebe LMBAO…dats some funny ish right there!!

  • My Goodness

    @ Drebe…You just killed me with your comment.

    “This is a case of Postdramatic Slave Disorder.”

    You officially win: Laugh of the DAY!!!!

  • Roe ski love

    Defrock this asshole as soon as posible!!!

  • what?

    This is the perfect example of Coonery, Bootlicking ignorence I’ve seen in my life. Why are people still following him?

  • BB

    please stop giving this idiot air play i mean ain’t the money grabbing pastor pocketing enough from the collection, now his trying to launch a career with no talent

    WTF does this idiot know about politics he shold be preaching what he knows and i have never heard that bible contains anything about politics

    the idiot used a sunday that people gave up to come to church to hear about God and his taking about hilary and obama.

    first of all going back to wat he should know is the bible said don’t judge, i take this to mean that if you don’t know anything about a person how can you judge. his speech is so flawed and very personal as if he has hatred for obama like man knows him personal

    his clear aim is to cause controversey with his slave mentality just like that idiot from BET

    i hope people ain’t paying him no mind and keeping their eyes on the ballot cause i hope another bush thing doesn’t happen

  • Black Queen

    This so called man God will bust Hell wide open with his nonsense that he’s spewing out of his mouth. I’m texas proud but my vote went to Obama not to Clinton. If he is a man of God than he Knows that in the bible it states the head of anything is a man. She might look like a man but she is not the head. This country was based on God we trust we lost God’s will in this country with people who think they know his will. I’m not saying that a woman can not do the Job. But if we are the country that believes in him like we say. Than Mrs.Hill can not and shall not lead this country. So pastor Manning you better watch your words Because God is not in what you speak. And I suggest to all before becoming a servant of God study his word and before you speak on something that might send you and other people souls straight to hell. God Bless all of his true saints.

  • ShadyGrady

    He obviously doesn’t love himself or his blackness. What a shame, what a waste, what an idiot?

  • cookie

    this guy is ignorant & whoever listens to him is pitiful

  • Lucille

    Why do you guys post this idiot on your web site? He is a disgrace to all people. I don’t know how and why he is allowed in a Church and who is following this idiot? I really think he is mentally ill. Anyone who makes statements like that is no Man of God. He is the Devil himself.

  • Just Wondering

    Does he know that this is just a PRIMARY election. We are picking the Democrat for the General Election in November. The Democrats cannot beat the Republicans without the black vote in November. He’s a little confused. SMH

  • cora


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  • kce

    Wow….the real life uncle rukus!

  • antiprocrastination

    I couldn’t watch all the video. This man is ridiculous. Is he ever preaching? Why does he hate Obama and black people so much? Why are these people still going to this church, I would be too embarrassed to be on this video. I know those poor kids are getting teased at school. Pathetic.

  • Amy

    Nothing annoys me more than ignorant ass preachers…

  • hellno

    Oh he’s nuts

  • GBH...Obama 2008!

    WTH? I thought this was a joke…this guy is serious! lord have mercy…he actually has followers. {{{{{{{getting chills}}}}}}

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