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Sorry, but the way the mom sounds leads us to believe them boys had no chance in life…

Murder, tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse. The man charged in the gruesome killings of two Louisville teens, Brice Rhodes, pleaded not guilty in court Wednesday. His bond was set at $1 million.

“There are pieces of information that we are not going to release at this point, motive being one of them,” Lt. Todd Kessinger, the Commander of the Homicide Unit said.

It was all detectives on deck to make the arrest, weeding through the slew of rumors.

“They did outstanding work. Some of the best work I’ve seen,” he said.

The teens’ mother said her sons witnessed a murder Rhodes committed and told her they were scared.

“I ain’t gotta answer to no news cast or non of y’all, I saved y’alls kids lives from this monster who did this sh** to my kids,” she said.

Marie Wren said the brothers were good students who were not in a gang. Their profile pictures holding guns was just a front for others thugs who had tried to jump them before, she said.

The teens’ mother, Marie Wren, said she knew Rhodes and knew her kids were hanging out with him. She said he was trying to recruit them to do his dirty work and when the boys realized how dangerous of a guy he really was, that’s when she said they were killed.

Social media images show two sides of the slain teens now identified as Larry Ordway, 14, and Maurice G. Gordon Jr., 16.

“This is about Reece and Larry resting in peace they were brutally beaten, do y’all understand that?” Wren said.

Police said Rhodes stabbed the teens then burned their bodies. “Everybody wants to be tough and a gangster these days when they’re teenagers, everybody wants to show what weapon they got that’s just what it is,” she said.

Wren wants her sons remembered as laughing, happy teens who were on the honor roll.

Something police also recognized.

“They were doing well, they were doing well in school and they made choices of who they were running around with and then it leads to something like this,” Kessinger said.

Wren said her sons sneaked out Saturday night. Their bodies were found Sunday morning.

She now has a warning to other parents.

“Before you start judging somebody take a look at your kids’ drawers, and their internet and I bet you’ll be surprised,” she said.

Their mom also wanted to make one more thing clear, she said there is a GoFundMe page that she did not set up and has nothing to do with. She said she does not want any money from anybody.


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