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European Club Hoppers Turn From Cocaine In Favor Of Snorting Lines Of Cocoa

The DailyMail is reporting an…interesting development in the use of “party drugs” in the EU…

Clubbers are turning to a new high to sweeten their party experience – chocolate.

A new craze of snorting lines of cocoa is sweeping through Europe’s clubs, with dedicated events now offering it in place of drugs like cocaine and even alcohol.

At one monthly party in Berlin, ravers keep dancing until dawn just from the buzz of raw chocolate taken in drink, pill or powdered form.

Lucid from Alchemy Eros boasts of giving clubbers ‘a dynamic gathering… where music, dance and natural high vibes roam wild and free’.

How “wild and free” can you be after you snort an 8-ball of Hershey’s powder? Sounds like a nose-bleed, but hey, what do we know?

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