Sisqo Gets His Thongs In a Bunch

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a video of Dru Hill reuniting and breaking up in one sitting on a radio show in Baltimore. Looks a little suspect, but hey so much for that. SMH.

Click here for a nice little throwback video in honor of Dru Hill’s love for each other.

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  • British Black girl


  • British Black girl

    I did it I actually did it….I am none to concerned with the Hils that are Dru…this moment needs to be savoured and acknowledged by the masses( Yes I am bored on my lunch break…lol)

  • Island_Ras23


  • joyce

    Who cares about suspect Sisqo and the rest of Dru Hill?

  • spontaneous

    That was funny though. I would’ve been pissed to ole boy gonna wait until they are live on the air. The fight looked pretty lame though almost staged. LMAO

  • statim08


  • Did she just say that

    This looks like the most staged thing since Britney Spears “come back”. THis is so phony.

  • Blackkhat

    THAT IS THE MOST MAD THING I SEEN IN A BIT What the bloody hell was that all about. If that was for real Sisqo was right Woody should have said something before going on air!!! I interview Sisqo last year on my radio show. He was funny man. If you want to listen to it check it out on my my space page I hope the guys get to sort themselves out

  • just

    anybody notice that, when Sisqo stood up outta his chair…HE DID NOT GET ANY TALLER?


  • Lu-Lou

    Hahahahaha, that was some funny stuff!! I loved Dru Hill back in the day, but I could care less now if they make another album or not. And why is Sisco not suppose to be driving? I thought he went country?

  • jenna

    i come in peace…. NOT !!!!!!

  • Notahn

    boo @ the radio station for even having them on

  • bmore chich

    sisqo is rather short…just pray for


    That was bit too dramatic! Seem suspect for real.

  • Why?Why?Why?

    That was that phoniest, most scripted sh*t I’ve seen.

    Anyone else remember when these dudes worked at the Fudgery in Harbor Place? They were gay tools even back then.

    Who else reppin B-Town?

  • Milio

    Ummm that did seem kinda suspect….

  • Sickofit

    Wow you all are coming down hard on the boyz. Well I thought it was hilarious.

  • blackpreneur

    wtf, lmao!!!!

  • Ashley

    Sisqo needs to carry a bottle of Midol with him at all times.

    LMAO @ “You’re not supposed to drive yo!”

  • Squidbilly

    who is mike jones

  • bree

    all this time i thought Dru Hill got their name from Druid Hills in Atlanta/Decatur..didnt know they were from up North.

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    nokio..BEEN SUSPECT!

    Are you crazy! I think that Him, and Sisqo..been diiping in that candle wax! DOES anyone remember that “someone is sleeping my bed” video???????

    LOOK how gay Nokio looks! Dripping that hot ass wax all oveeeeeeeeer his boooooooooooody! LOL

  • A.B.W. (Angry Black Woman)

    Morning Ya’ll! 😀

    That was funny, the guy running after Sisqo said “You ain’t even suppose to be crying…” >giggle<

  • Shavon Denise

    That was soooo FAKE!! OMG! I felt like I was watching a skit on Mad TV or sumn.

  • Ms. Sugar Walls


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