Shooting Victim Becomes A Doctor At The Same Hospital That Saved His Life

A Lil Positivity: Detroit Shooting Victim Becomes A Doctor At The Same Hospital That Saved His Life

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Shooting Victim Becomes A Doctor At The Same Hospital That Saved His Life

A Detroit man by the name of Kevin Morton Jr. has decided to become a doctor at the same hospital that helped save his life according to Bradenton reports:

It was nearly a decade since he was shot in an Arby’s parking lot, sustaining injuries so severe that the early prognosis gave him only a 10 percent chance of survival. But Dr. Dharti Sheth-Zelmanski, the surgeon on call in the trauma unit that night, didn’t let that happen.

The care he received over many surgeries and his long recovery inspired Morton to evaluate what he would do with his second chance. The answer came naturally: He’d pay it forward by becoming a doctor himself.

In 2007, the year he was nearly killed, Morton was in his fourth year of college, but only had enough credits to be considered a junior. He had fallen behind in school, working 40-, sometimes 50-hour, weeks at an Arby’s to pay his bills.

The restaurant was on Detroit’s infamous 8-Mile. When Morton, then 22, was the last to leave late at night, he’d start his car remotely while still safely inside. He’d quickly lock up and hurry to his car to drive away as fast as he could.

Kevin decided to go back to school and even started his rotations at the same Detroit hospital that saved his life:

He went back to college at Oakland University in 2009, but this time declared his major as pre-med. He took extra biochemistry and microbiology classes to catch up, and even went back to work at Arby’s, albeit in a different neighborhood. That same year, he married his high school sweetheart, Sherry. Sheth-Zelmanski and her husband attended the wedding. When they walked in during the reception, Morton stopped the party and gave her a hero’s welcome, introducing her to his guests as the woman who saved his life.

So in 2012, he took the MCAT and was accepted to Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine. He chose to specialize in general surgery, the same as Sheth-Zelmanski.

He did his student rotations at St. John’s Hospital in Detroit, walking the same halls where he was once a patient. He’ll start his residency there in July – almost nine years to the day he was brought there as a shooting victim.

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What a beautiful and inspirational story!!!



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