Yolanda Adams’ IRS Issues

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Yolanda Adams has her IRS game on Wesley Snipes status:

Houston gospel singer and radio host Yolanda Adams is under investigation by the Internal Revenue Service. The agency has asked a federal judge to force the entertainer to turn over documents after she failed to show up for an appointment last month to explain her financial affairs. The agency is trying to determine her tax liability and how to collect on the debt. According to filings in Houston federal court, the IRS probe stems from two million-dollar mortgage loan applications. A 2005 Ocwen application said Adams earned $40,000 a month and listed $8 million in assets — including an $800,000 trust account, $4.9 million in other personal holdings and jewelry worth $1.5 million. That document said she owned a Lexus and a Hummer. A subsequent Chase home loan application listed $3 million in assets, including a business worth $1.5 million, a Mercedes-Benz and a Range Rover. She owns a home worth more than $2 million in Houston’s Royal Oaks Country Club subdivision.

The federal government has asked a judge to order Adams to appear with “records, papers or documents” or explain why she should not be forced to comply with the summons. They believe that somebody has either overreported deductions or underreported income. The IRS is not an agency that is easy to avoid. Generally, if they want information, you’re going to have to give it to them.”

She better not play with the IRS, they are serious about getting their paper.


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  • jojo

    Hey someone get Willie Nelson and Hammer on the phone and channel Sammy Davis Jr. and Redd Foxx to talk to this woman.

  • The Devil Is A Liar

    Now I know she’s going to get her an R&B album out soon because she gotta make some money to pay those bills. She’s such an opportunist.

  • I'm Just Me


    Everyone plays with their money thinking they can’t get caught

    FED GOV doesn’t care if you are famous or not….you will give them their pay!!

  • NotoriousOne

    DAAAYYUMMM, feeling her pain. Just started doing work on taxes this year and the IRS does NOT play!! The IRS WILL get they money! And they usually get theirs FIRST!

  • Rev.Mosley James Evans and the Piece Within Choir

    When it comes down to it we are all human. Just because you sing about your faith doesnt mean you follow all man made rules. It doesnt make her a bad person or a hypocrit, just another civilian trying to get over. I’ve never heard her sing a gopsel song about paying taxes or false finances.

  • Rev.Mosley James Evans and the Peace Within Choir

    Sorry choir I spell your name wrong in my last post. forgive me.

  • 6 Figgas aka Knotx

    Mo’ money, mo’ problems.

    YA is obviously a smart woman, but going MIA from an IRS meeting was like pourin’ gas on the fire. She’d better squad up her chips now…

  • mr mr

    don’t play with the IRS…

    in the immortal words of Ike Turner:

    “F$#k up today, you’ll be frying fish tomorrow.”

  • bree

    what is it with the Gospel Community and Taxes? all the money the congregation gives up to you and you still hesitate to pay taxes?..come one

  • bree


  • irritated by haters

    She is married to a retired professional athlete. Which would explain a large portion of her wealth. I’m shocked that this article doesn’t even mention her husband. Always a spin huh? Her wealth is not in any way unusual for the spouse of a professional athlete.

  • Cher

    Ok. So she told the bank that she had more money than what she did to get some house.


  • pm

    Do you really think these people do their own taxes with that much money.. Her accountants made some mistakes that will be corrected after they they will be fired. She will beat the case like everyone else. What would she look like doing her own taxes on some damn turbo tax software or something lol

  • mjoylaw

    @ irritated by haters

    Arent’ they divorced? She’s divorced from her daughter’s father the athlete.

    Anyways, Yolanda’s been a servant; she’s been singing about the good news for a while now. That doesn’t mean she’s perfect or foolproof from making mistakes or having problems in her life.

    Most of the time artists are not all that savvy about their business and they trust in other people who then let them down or don’t do their job and that’s how they get in trouble.

    This probably all started from some crooked help..let’s give Yolanda the benefit of the doubt and pray for her and her daughter also. Have IRS problems is NO JOKE..just ask Ron Isley

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Cher…


    Cause those shady a*s politicians know how to hide their money. It’s not that you hafta pay a grip in taxes if you got bank, it’s all about knowing how to minimize your money on paper! Trust, there is ways!

  • da darkness

    the irs better stay off of God’s people

  • vjhe

    Wow, I didn’t know she lived in Royal Oaks. I suppose that’s the hot spot for Houston celebs.

    Also, Obama should be more concerned about the Tony Rezko trial than Hillary’s finances. We’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg on that.

  • imrightdammit

    She’s gonna be leading the San Quintin Gospel Choir if she don’t stop playing. IRS is no joke. Why niccas gotta be greedy and try to get over? If you aren’t ridin’ dirty, you won’t have to keep looking over your shoulder.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    I absolutely love Yolanda Adams so I hope it works out for her!!

  • Dolla Bill

    You can’t run or hide from the taxman..suckas! LOL

  • BellaY

    Oh please, its just not Gospel people who cheat. Remember Tammy Faye Bakker and her husband? Most ministers are liars and cheats. The government lets them live tax free so they can continue to spread lies to the masses.

  • Mr. Dee


    the bottom line is most self employed black folk avoid taxes, ask yo homeboyy Ronald Isley, Jessie Jackson, and Jermain Dupree!!!

    they just made an exapple out of wesley casue the IRS KNEW he could have paid his tax debt but choose to blame his accountant….

    Don’t worry when Tony Rezko hit the witness stand this summer, Barack will be finished…casue he aint paid no taxes either…but I’m sure Oprah will let him hold a hot million….

  • Lu-Lou

    Say it ain’t so… Please pray for this Sista, I listen to her every morning!!! Lawd have mercy!

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    The gott damn IRS…GO AWAY!!!


    Yolanda is ballin! too bad she forgot to give the fed’s their cut, not a good move.

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