Wait, What? Brandi Maxiell Says She Will Be Back On “Basketball Wives LA”

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Brandi Maxiell Separates From Husband Jason, Reveals Return To “Baskteball Wives”

At the end of the last season of “Basketball Wives LA” when Shaunie O’Neal thanked Brandi Maxiell for her services after Maxiell blasted her, calling her a “bi***” seemed like a final sendoff to us, but Maxiell claims Shaunie must’ve changed her mind because she is still on the show.

According to RadarOnline reports:

You’ll have to see how everything plays out and we just finished filming,” Maxiell told Radar. “But we definitely went back to bad moments.”

“There were still bad feelings,” the reality star said about seeing the women again. “It was really intense and difficult. I had a headache for about a month filming.” Still she assured Radar that the fans will enjoy what transpired this season: “Its’ really good.”

The vicious fight Maxiell had with Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife was the season finale. Maxiell defended her actions to Radar. “I respect Shaunie and her movement and everything she did to help create and be a part of Basektball Wives. I respect where she comes from,” she said. “But I’m a Southern belle. We aren’t too shy of how we feel and what we think. You either love us or you hate us. We are big bright sunshine. So full of life. If you piss us off, we’re a whole other different person.”

Maxiell said that while her actions were “not always good,” she was validated by the fans. “The viewers loved me because I keep it real,” she insisted.

Meanwhile, Maxiell also revealed to Radar that she and her husband, pro baller Jason Maxiell, have separated but she is not dating. “I don’t know the rules to that when you’re separated,” she admitted. “What is wise, what is not wise. Plus I’ve been working so much that I haven’t really had the time.”

Maxiell told Radar that her ideal guy is “my husband [but] a more faithful version.”

Will you tune in for another season of “Basketball Wives LA”? Or is it old and dried up now?

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