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Ceejai Of MTV’s “Real World: Go Big Or Go Home” Interview

Remember that clip of Ceejai Jenkins beating the brakes off her racist “Real World: Go Big Or Go Home” cast mate Jenna???

Well the reality star recently chatted with Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared podcast on her future plans, her Real World casting process and the real reason why she could no longer turn the other cheek to her cast mate’s blatant racism.

On her “Real World” casting:

“They found me, my audition process was totally different than anyone else’s. They [the cast] went and stood in lines. MTV contacted me and said ‘hey I know you submitted for this film but we’d like to see you on ‘The Real World.’

It was so exciting because “Real World” is the first reality TV show. That whole process was really cool. The missions were lit, every week you know you’re about to get something but you don’t know what it is.

On when she realized she was living with a racist:

“Day 3, it’s the same conversation everyone saw by the pool. She’s like, “not to sound racist but I got this from a black person’s store.” Then she also made a statement that slaves came to America for a better life and she told us that her family was racist, and [about] the Confederate flag.”


On possibly being cast to conflict with Jenna:

“I think that’s the setup with the entire thing. Even though it’s not scripted, they do have some kind of intention to put some sort of story line together. They put a Christian African-American who come from the hood who’s anti-misuse of guns and you’ve got this conservative who’s claiming to be an ex-Mormon who’s confused in life who thinks that the confederate flag doesn’t represent racism in America. […] I figured that that’s what it was because the submission that I submitted to was titled “Guns”, a documentary series on how guns affect your life. That’s what I initially submitted to.”



On Jenna calling her white face better than hers:

“Shorty straight said her white face is better than mine. Dean got a divorce and it was being handled in L.A. and he had an option to bring two roommates with him and of course it was me and Dione because we were the three amigos.

Jenna says, “Ew, well why are you gonna take her?” […] “Are you kidding me? Do you see this white face, full lips and big t**s?”‘


On what really caused the fight:

“That’s what really ticked me off. She was so nonchalant about it. What made me jump up was because they were like, “so you are a racist?” And she said, “yeah, whatever I am a racist. That was the moment when it was like, “Okay!” After she attacked me the first time I did not drink that whole week. I knew it was about to happen. […] It’s time for us both to go home, your excuse is that you don’t remember things. I’m gonna make sure you remember this.


Listen to Ceejai on “Don’t Be Scared” below.






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