What Is Wrong With This Picture??

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is Jermaine Jackson at the opening of Eva Longoria’s new restaurant Beso in LA. His face and hair look like they were spray painted on. Yikes.

More images from that event:

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  • Island_Ras23


  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


  • Fuzzy from the Land aka Lip Chap

    Hot Mess Hot Mess I tell ya! Mz Underwood where ya at? We about to get hit again!!!!

  • Island_Ras23

    Ha ha!Jermaine look like the damn Count from Sesame Street

  • vjenkins07

    Jermaine baby what is up? You are not aging gracefully!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Island_Ras23

    No No Re Im first you second

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    He is ok! He doesn’t look as bad as michael, and Letoya! I love me some MICHAEL JACKSON! I really do!

    DOES ANYONE remember that Jermaine Jackson song….

    “DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL”????? I loved that song!

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re

    Damn you Island_Ras, I was on a streak there! Lol!

    He looks like a wax figure. I bet you he has orange pastel crayons smeared on his collar….

  • victory is mine

    he looks like nipsy russell when he played the tin man in the wiz….damn shame what that family has done to their looks….

  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    I just hate the S-CURL hair do that he has! LOL

  • rozza

    He looks like one of those claymation characters! Eeeewwww! And why is he so OILY?!?!? His hair has that Pee Wee Herman helmet look to it. Yuck.



    Shut up Victory!!! This nicca is a damn candle…waxy arse

  • http://www.myspace.com/ms_ashkerr Ms. Kerr


    Does he got waves on the side..lol?

  • bree

    Mar 7, 2008 – 9:19 am victory is mine

    he looks like nipsy russell when he played the tin man in the wiz….


  • http://youtube.com/fifitrooper Ms. Sugar Walls

    OOPS his chick..look like a throw back from the late 80’s! WTF is up with her hair!

    KIM..look nice!

  • Cage

    Ahh it could be worse.. It just looks like he ran through a bucket of popeyes that’s all.. Let the man eat…

  • LacySoul

    The California Raisin is back

  • Why?Why?Why?

    Uh, that’s a person? I thought that was a cartoon.

    He looks like a black Max Headroom, remember that ish from the 80s? Google it, trust… they are like twins.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Re


    LOLOL, claymation. EXACTLY.

  • Simply Ecstasy

    Even thou he’s obviously stuck in the 60’s with this hair do, at least he still looks BLACK, which is more that I can say for the rest of the Jackson’s.

  • Lili

    Looks like he mixed black spray paint and holding spray and used it on his hair. Ridiculous.

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen KK in an outfit that isn’t fly. Hmm….


    Simply X

    That dude aint black…he is orange?

  • http://thumbsnap.com/v/hJSxpF6W.jpg mz.cee

    J.J. got a lil too excited with the hairdye bottle! Imagine what that pillowcase looks like in the morning… LOL


    Clean ass line up!!!

  • john robertson

    he look like the tinman on “the wiz”

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