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Rocko Sues Future For Millions

Future has been getting hit with legal action right and left by his baby mamas, but now he also has a fellow rapper and former colleague coming for his millions.

Apparently Rocko and Future have had an ongoing financial beef on the low for years. When Future was a newbie, he was Rocko’s artist, and had a contract to put out 6 albums under his label. But once Future got poppin’, Epic Records came knocking…and Future rolled with them and never looked back. Via TMZ:

Future wouldn’t even have one … if not for rapper/producer Rocko, who says he discovered Future, put him on the path to fame and fortune, and then got stabbed in the back.

Rocko, owner of A1 Recordings, just sued Future … citing a 2011 contract he believes Future breached. He says the deal was for Future to make his first 6 albums with A1.

Rocko says Epic Records signed on to distribute the albums, but then things got tricky. In the suit, he says Future cut a side deal with Epic, which scored him huge multi-million dollar advances.

Rocko says he was left out in the cold because Future stiffed him to the tune of 25% — the commission he’s owed off those fat Epic advances. In addition, he says he’s owed 20% of Future’s earnings from touring, endorsements, etc …

Bottom line … Rocko says Future’s on the hook for more than $10 million.

Wow. Future’s pockets might get lighter and lighter if all these suits keep rolling in. It’s also especially odd since Rocko has quite the reputation as a “street dude,” so it’s interesting that he turned to the courts to recoup what he believes he’s owed.

Of course, once the news hit the streets, Future had a few thoughts to share publicly about Rocko and his little lawsuit. Hit the flip to see what Fewtch had to say…



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