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15-Year-Old Girl Commits Suicide After Friends Bully Her Over Nude Video

Teenage bullying has claimed yet another life, as a 15-year-old girl has committed suicide after her classmates got a hold of a nude video taken without her knowledge or permission, and teased her mercilessly over it.

Tovanna Holton was just wrapping up her freshman year of high school when a naked video of her was uploaded to social media and passed around by her friends and classmates. According to reports from The Daily Beast and The Tampa Bay Times, the video in question was Snapped by her “friends” while she was in the shower — without her knowledge.

There’s no word on how long the video was, but it naturally spread like wildfire once it was posted to SnapChat and screenshot and passed around by her classmates.

One friend says that the video was spread even further on Sunday evening by Tovonna’s ex-boyfriend. He was apparently upset after they had a heated argument, and decided to upload the image or video in question to Twitter.

Tovanna’s mother said she knew that Tovanna was upset about some things being said about her online and had expressed that she was having problems with her friends over a photo they had shared of her, but had no idea it was affecting her to the point of suicide.

Just hours later, Tovanna’s mother found her locked in the bathroom and laying in a puddle of blood, having taken her mother’s handgun from her purse to end her own life.

Tovanna has now become the latest teen to symbolize the #StopBullying movement.

SMH. Sad that Tovanna couldn’t see any other way out of the taunts and teases of her classmates, and all over a video that people she assumed she could trust took of her and used without her knowledge…

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