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Sister Of Brock Turner’s Rape Victim Writes Letter To Judge Persky Describing Her Trauma

First and foremost, f*** Brock Turner, his d!çkhe@d daddy and that janky azz judge.

The rapist ex-college student has sent the entire country into unadulterated outrage and rightfully so. His unconscionable sexual assault of a comatose woman and the subsequent slap-on-the-wrist jail sentence have hurt many, but none more than the victim and her family.

The younger sister of the woman raped wrote a letter to suspect judge Aaron Persky explaining exactly how her assault has affected her.

Via DailyMail

‘On my way to the hospital, I pulled over two times because I was crying so hard,’ she writes. ‘When I finally arrived, my sister was sitting there as composed as she could will herself to be, hugging me and saying over and over again: “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! None of this is your fault.”

‘She was the one trying to assure me everything was okay, trying to protect me, when I was picking her up from the rape crisis center.’

The 21-year-old also relived the horror of discovering what had happened to her sister via a leaked police report.

‘Because she had blacked out, neither of us knew exactly what had happened. I had to learn about every graphic detail of her assault through a police report that went publicly viral before anyone told us.

‘I had to read about the way her body was found. I realized that the reason I could not find her that night, after checking every room in the fraternity house, after yelling her name outside, was because she was unconscious and hidden behind a dumpster.

She goes on to say:

‘You saw a drunk girl alone, incapacitated – why would you not try to find her friends? I was trying to find her.

‘Where has your remorse been? Really, truly: Do you feel guilty because you were sexually assaulting her, or because you were caught?’

The student concludes: ‘Thus far, it appears you have not been appropriately remorseful. I really do, sincerely, hope that one day you grow to take ownership for your actions.

‘I hope you learn to take accountability for sexually assaulting my sister while she was unconscious, and causing the subsequent damage that you inflicted on my family.

‘The only sorrow I feel for you is that you never got to know my sister before assaulting her. She’s the most wonderful person in the world.’

You can read more excerpts from this young lady’s letter HERE, but MAN is it a tear-jerker.

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