Swirling On Weekends: Young Jeezy and His White Girl….Yeeeah, That’s His White Girl

- By Bossip Staff

Jeezy is from ATL so this “white girl” in the white might not actually be white. She looks Hispanic to us anyways, but do you think she hopped in Jeezy’s whip?

Pop it and see for yourself.

Images via Freddy O

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • dcgal

    If they ruled the earth they should do a lot better than an uneducated “rapper”. This chick is low hanging fruit.

  • Lisa

    So? I swirl everyday with my white boyfriend and we swirled all the way to England in late June for summer vacation. It was wonderful.

  • Hannibal



  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators


    With all of them single fine a$$ Sistas in the ATL…

  • sasha

    I dont think it is a much as dating outside your race as to lord sistas are left out in the cold, black men want white women and white men want white women. I would just like to see them keep the $$$$ in the race sometimes. A baller look what they have on their arm , the rappers and the actors. I am just saying!!

  • A1

    Be assertive and maybe the men would pay attention to you sometimes.

    Haters make me sick

  • Who is a hater?

    @ A1

    being assertive is not the answer it is like to men it is a big deal to have a white woman on their arm like it gives them stamina. No one is a hater we just want a piece of the pie as well!

  • Hannibal



  • just saying

    why do black women hate when we black men swirl?LMAO
    leave us alone DAMN.

  • 954AlldaY


  • Indycar Guy

    I’m an african-american and I sure wouldn’t mind dating/marrying outside of my race. Then again maybe b/c I’ve just always been attracted to non-black girls.

  • Indycar Guy

    I’m attracted to black women, hell i screw themm all the time, it seems that’s all they are good for. Definately wouldn’t marry one, too many issues.

  • Lies and Bullshit -aka- The Truth

    so what? I mean, really who cares? why do we make issues out of interracial couples? get over it, people!

  • truth be told

    @just saying

    why do you worry about why some black women don’t like it? Just live. There’s two sides to every story and you’re the other annoying side to the sistas who hate on brother’s that swril, and the brothas who want sistas approval to coin. If you care so much I’ll give it to you.

    On behalf of every black women in the world, i hereby grant you 100% approval to swirl guilt free. Now go forth in happiness and make swirl babies. Geeshhhh

  • Dominique Devereaux

    I like the car.

  • http://bossip talia

    all black women should start dating outside their race. i dont date black men ever. i date hispanic, arab, and european men. they are better lovers and are more interested in black women. most black men would rather be with anything other than black women, so why sweat them and theres a world of possibilities out there.

  • Jay the Real One

    And the lesson here is “want some black pres? get a nonblack chick”.

  • Jay the Real One

    @ truth be told

    Well said.

  • truth be told

    @ Talia,

    You’re part of the problem too. You make it seem like a competition. Every one is not the same. At the end of the day you only need 1 boyfriend/husband. If you have someone already why worry about the rest? And if you don’t have someone well then…think ‘Quality’ over ‘Quantity’. Doesn’t matter how many men from different races you can date if you date the same type of man from each race.

  • Sit yo 5$ ass own before I make some change ( Usher-Tamecka=a 1# Album)!!

    This is indeed interesting …with all of the beautiful different color african American women in the “A”…Lmao…I’m sure they are liking this situation too much….

  • Heather

    If anyone really has an issue with someone dating outside their race they have some pretty messed up inside issues. Hurting.

  • chai_507

    “Looks” Hispanic? Who writes this crap? Hispanic people come in an array of colors, including white and black. I hope that if this is the new young lady in Jeezy’s life she makes him happy, no matter what her ethnicity.

  • Domi

    pleaseeeee Bossio stop actin like u dnt like yourself some matthew mcconnahey or brad pitt–which are fine white men by the way.By saying black men can’t date outside their race, you’re basically saying that black women can’t do the same.Its 2009, find something better to blog about cause this “swirl hating” is OLD NEWS

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