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Youtube Star Says She Doesn’t Want To Be Considered A Carefree Black Girl

A Youtube star by the name of Phil explains why she believes the term “carefree Black girl” is exclusionary and elitist. According to her personal page:

…being carefree is literally impossible for me – and SO many other black girls. In essence, the movement obviously means well, but unfortunately continues to exclude black girls who don’t represent a specific tax bracket, who aren’t of a certain skin tone, body size, hair texture/length, and/or physical ability.

There are ways to take control of how we are portrayed in the media without dissociating from black girls who just so happen to match the characteristics of overused stereotypes.

THEY are not the problem, those who are deciding these “types” of women are unworthy of respect ARE.

For these reasons, I am not a carefree black girl.



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