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Mariah Carey then and now

Mariah Carey Acknowledges That Her Look In The 90’s Was Awful

Mariah Carey recently sat down with PrideSource to discuss her career, her new life in Las Vegas, her gay fanbase and her terrible, awful, eye sore of a 90’s wardrobe…

What do you think 1990 Mariah would think of 2016 Mariah?

(Ponders; tongue sputters) Ah, I don’t knoooow! I was such a kid, just in over my head, but I knew that I was gonna do this for my life and soooo: I probably would’ve been like, “Who does your hair and makeup?” (Laughs) ‘Cause they had me with some people who didn’t know what they were doing and I knew it wasn’t really good and I’d just be like, “Who does your lighting, hair and makeup?” is what I’d ask her.

They liked to put you in a lot of black.

They diiiiid. It was just like, ahhh, such a long story. You don’t even wanna know.

Mariah is a legend. An icon. But has much really changed in the style department?

Flip it over to see what Mariah had to say about her relationship with her gay fans.

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Mariah Carey performs live at London's O2 Arena

What did you mean when you said you haven’t experienced much unconditional love outside of the gay community? And why do you think the gay community in particular has stuck by you through thick and thin?

What I was trying to express – and it was all so fast and it wasn’t the world’s greatest speech ’cause I just wanted to try and speak from my heart and, you know, sometimes there’s so much going on and it’s not the best representation of what I really wanted to say, which would’ve been simpler. Which is basically: Some of the songs that I have written, like I have a song called “Outside” that a lot of people from the gay community have always said they grew up listening to and were like, “That helped me come out to my family.” Different things.

And so, as a songwriter, I wrote that song about me feeling like an outsider, about being biracial and a lot of other things in my life. I like to leave it open so people can relate it to their own lives, and a lot of my fans tell me, “This song helped me get through having to talk about being gay with my family and with my friends,” and stuff like that. There are other songs, too, because I kind of come from that place of feeling different or not accepted, and so that’s what I meant.

Mimi’s here for everybody.

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