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12-Year-Old Black Girl’s Classmates Drag Her By Makeshift Noose

Bullying has become a bigger and bigger problem in schools across the nation, even costing some students their lives in the long run. One family has sued a local school system not only because their daughter was being bullied, but also because the school seemed to turn a blind eye as she was physically attacked repeatedly due to the color of her skin — to the point of a near lynching. Via TheDailyBeast:

The family of a black sixth grader in Texas is suing her school after white students allegedly wrapped a rope around her neck and pulled her to the ground.

The $3-million lawsuit accuses Live Oak Classical School in Waco of negligence, gross negligence, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The lead attorney on the case is Levi McCathern, who represents the Dallas Cowboys.

According to the lawsuit, KP’s mother chose Live Oak—a largely white private school with a pricey tuition rate—and applied for scholarship grants so that her daughter could attend an institution with a “better education” and a “wholesome learning environment.”

In the next year though, the lawsuit claims KP encountered bullying at the school that was not disciplined.

An email from KP’s mom in the lawsuit from November alleges that a boy repeatedly pushed and shoved her 12-year-old daughter.

But things went far beyond pushing and shoving one day in April when the class took a field trip offsite. The boys that taunted KP took things up a notch when faced with a park swing…

But the main complaint against the school comes from an April field trip to Germer Ranch in Blanco County, Texas. KP and several other children were said to have come across a swing with long rope was attached so children could pull it, the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit states KP was standing to the side of the swing when three white males, including one who allegedly bullied her in the past, pulled the rope back and wrapped it around her neck. The boys then violently jerked KP to the ground, the family claims, leaving abrasions on her neck.

Jeremy Counseller, a board member for the school, told the Dallas Morning News that “Live Oak takes the safety of its students seriously and is saddened that one of its family suffered an unfortunate accident and injury.” Counseller described what happened as “accident.”

HOW are injuries of this caliber an “accident?” This looks deliberate and extremely racially driven, if you ask us. Sounds like the school did little to protect this little Black girl from her tormenters…so hopefully the family gets every dime they are asking for…


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