Trey Songz New Album Cover???

- By Bossip Staff

Trey Songz, the lover of all ladies, is dropping his album “READY” September 1st. This is said to be his “OFFICIAL” ALBUM COVER but it looks similar to his Mixtape “ANTICIPATION” that dropped on the 29th… either way, the ladies love him…

Pop it for a Peek

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  • Hannibal

  • Girl, Please Make My Day

    D’angelo did it better.

  • brina

    He is so fine!!!!

  • CoCoa Gyal

    I loveeeeeeeee trey songz, he is so underrated! One of the best R&b artist out there!

  • Seriously??

    either way, he is a looker and talented.

  • BabeKaKes

    He can get it all day everyday! Damn he fine!

  • Niki

    I wonder what the tattoo on his left chest says…hmm, he is fine!

  • smashbox halo

    fine as hell and has a damn good voice.

  • dayg715

    LAWD have mercy….

  • lisaaa

    umm i thought the album drops august 4th… but he is very talented. glad he did anticipation, lovely mixtape [sure a few women got pregnant to it lol].

  • breezy00

    *changes desktop photo immediately* Lol.
    great mixtape, gorgeous man. 😀

  • Thickykins!LOL!

    i would do unspeakable things 2 him!!

  • http://bossip Nicki

    Trey songz is so damn fineee!

  • Madame


    … that’s all I got to say … lol

  • http://bossip Daba


  • CandyCANNE

    All I can say is…. that “This is The Last Time”…ALL CAUGHT UP!!

    Be Jammin!! That song goes SoooOOooo Hard, in so many ways… I Can’t even describe it!

    Love. Love. Love. Trey Songz!
    Keep doing yo thang baby 😉

  • Toxicity

    Are these the same chicks that thougfht Terrell ‘Alien/Predator” Owens looks good???****

  • sexzlady

    trey bout 2 make his no 1 stalker wit that pic, daaaaaammmmmnnnnn way tooo sexi!!!

  • Grrr. Im a tiger

    OMG trey your BADDDDDDDDDDD.

  • Frog-a-licious

    Can’t wait for his album.

  • BossipKeepIsh Going

    Im still rolling with Sammie and Mario over Trey anyday.

  • That_Chick

    Wow i see trey got some haters but have you heard his voice the boy can sing damn and he had gtten fine damnnnnnnnnnnnnn cut his hair and hittin that gym damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!TRIGGA 🙂

  • The Kind of Smell you Smell when you Smell a Smelly Smell

    he sounded horrid on the BET awards next to Tyrese… I don’t know, he’s not manly enough… just look like some lil boy with a skinny body… Idris is a man, this is a boy, lol

  • artsthebeat

    Too bad nobody’s looking for him

  • msezoneyes

    We all know that a body is not what makes a man its his mind and mentality..

    However Trey Looks good and Im glad that he has more supporters than haters..
    If u dont like it why u posting in on Trey..

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