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Babyface Kicks Off Tour With New Edition July 9 At Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

With career under his belt that spans four decades, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds is showing no signs of slowing down. The veteran singer, songwriter and producer is headlining a new national tour with New Edition, working on his own new album and helping younger artists find their voice. BOSSIP spoke to Babyface from LA as he geared up for the tour.

BOSSIP: What can fans expect on your new tour?
Babyface: “They’re gonna have a really good time. We’ve been rehearsing out in LA at the Center Stage. We practice across the street from each other. We kind of go back and forth with who is doing what. It’s a competition to a certain extent. you want people to walk way saying they kicked butt that night. That’s important.”

BOSSIP: What’s your most memorable moment of your career?
Babyface: “That’s very difficult to answer. There are moments in meeting artists and working with artists. Whitney Houston, being in a room and just having conversations with Price. Stevie Wonder. Working with new younger artists, that kind of look up to you. You wonder if you even know who I am?! Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla Sign, a couple years ago I produced an album with Barbra Streisand.”

BOSSIP: What would be your advice to other artists?
Babyface: “I would say to any young artist, any young writer, any young producer, not just listen to the radio today, but to all of those who came before us. Listen to their music. Listen to it all the time. Listen to everything and let the music become part of your DNA because it will open the doors. Michael Jackson’s favorite artists were James Brown and Fred Astaire. They couldn’t be more different. But he listened to everything.”

“The last thing is to be a musician. Pick up an instrument. Pick up the guitar. Learn to play the piano. Don’t just rely on a computer. I think being a musician is key, and more of our kids need to get back into the music that way.”



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