Swirly Severance: Iggy Azalea Keeps ’62 Impala And Nick Young Gets Engagement Ring Back

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Iggy Azalea Nick Young

Iggy Azalea Keeps Impala Christmas Gift, Nick Young Get Engagement Ring Back

The era of Iggy Azalea and Nick Young has officially come to an end. The Aussie “rapper” and the flamboyant “baller” were living together in Nick’s L.A. home, so naturally they had to have the “who keeps what?” convo.

According to TMZ, the negotiation wasn’t exactly difficult. Nick got his $500,000, 10-carat, engagement ring back and Iggy gets to keep the super clean ’62 Impala that he bought her for Christmas.

While that might not be equivalent in some folks’ eyes, by California law, Iggy HAD to give the ring back once she decided that she didn’t want to jump the broom with The Swaggy One.

Not sure if Iggy knows anything about lo rider culture, but it can get REAL funky for her if she gets caught rolling around the wrong area in such a coveted car.

She might wanna keep it in the garage to be safe.

There were rumors that Iggy had called movers to haul Nick’s stuff away and had his car towed, flip the page to see her 140-character rumor control.

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Alrighty, then.

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