Judge And Accused Murderer Exchange Vulgar Insults In GA Courtroom

Out Of Pocket: Accused Murderer And Judge Have EXTREMELY Vulgar Argument In Court “I’ve Got A Big Donkey D***”

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Judge And Accused Murderer Exchange Vulgar Insults In Georgia Courtroom

Mannnnnnnnnn! We’ve seen things get out of hand in court before, but NEVER anything like this!

Via TalkingPointsMemo

A routine hearing last week in a Georgia court descended into a vulgar back-and-forth between the judge and an alleged murderer, who bragged about his “donkey d**k” and repeatedly told the judge, “go f**k yourself” before threatening to kill the judge’s family.

In a transcript of the Floyd County court proceedings posted online by legal blogger Keith Lee, Denver Allen, 31, of Cartersville, Georgia, appearing in court on charges he beat another prison inmate to death, explained he was representing himself because his public defender said he would only do a “good job” if Allen performed oral sex on him.

Once the judge explained to Mr. Allen that reppin’ himself would likely land him in prison, things took a HARD left, no pun intended…

Allen responded, “f**k you” to Durham and said “I don’t care” when the judge fired back that he would find him in contempt of court.

“I know you don’t. And I sentence you to twenty days for that. And if you say anything else, I’m going to add twenty days for everything you say,” Durham said.

Allen replied with a string of “f**k yous.” Each time, Durham bumped his sentence from forty days to sixty days to one year.

“Your mama,” Allen fired back, wholly undeterred, and the judge slammed him with “ten years.”


“I’ve got a big old donkey d**k,” Allen told the judge, who responded, “I’m sure the women love it.”

But Allen explained that he has sex with men, not women, and had a ludicrous back-and-forth with the judge about his sexual preferences – “white boys” with “big butts,” Allen said – before the judge shut down the talk by remarking that he looked “like a queer.”

Proceedings devolved into a shouting match between the defendant and judge, with Allen ordering the judge, “Suck my d**k, you f**kman.”

Oh, the amount of money we would have paid to be in that courtroom while THIS was going on. Snapchat would’ve been LIT! LMAO!

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