BOSSIP Exclusive: ‘WAGS’ Stars Natalie Halcro And Olivia Pierson Talk Ignoring The Wife Hierarchy And Staying Unbothered By Groupies

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WAGS -- Season:1 -- Pictured: Natalie Halcro, Olivia Pierson, Ashley North, Sasha Gates, Autumn Ajirotutu, Nicole Williams, Barbie Blank -- (Photo by: Brian Bowen Smith/E! Entertainment)

‘WAGS’ Stars Natalie And Olivia Give The Girlfriend Perspective

The WAGS are back for a second season, with some new faces in the mix this year. We took a moment to catch up with “the single girls,” cousins Natalie Halcro and Olivia Pierson, to chat about how they manage while being “at the bottom of the totem pole” in this group of ladies, and what misconceptions people have about them as the women who date pro ballers

The wives have detailed how for WAGS, there’s basically a totem pole of status and importance — and as girlfriends or singles, you’re basically at the bottom of it. How do you navigate the “hierarchy” of the WAGS life?

Natalie: Laugh. Laugh. And laugh some more lol. Women being ranked based on their marriage status? Is this the middle ages? I’ve been talked down to because I’m not tied to a man.

Olivia: I think it is a bit silly to be honest. No one is ‘higher’ than me and certainly is not just because you are married. I laugh it off and it bugs people which is just fine.

There seemed to be constant friction between the wives and the girlfriends — particularly the two of you — on the show last season. What exactly do you think the wives have against single women?

Natalie: I actually don’t think it’s single women they have a problem with I think it’s just us. They’ve used us being the “single girls” as some kind of insult. But in reality, it’s us. We have fun. We’re not royalty.

Olivia: Right, I don’t necessarily think they have anything against ‘single girls’, I just think they can’t handle Natalie and I and our personalities. Natalie and I don’t take ourselves too seriously and we are more care free and the wives are the exact opposite. So I think naturally they feel a certain type of way towards us.


As women who mainly date athletes — Olivia, you’ve even jokingly described yourself as a “jersey-chaser” — what do you think is the biggest misconception about you?

Olivia: That you are a gold digger. I fully take care of myself and don’t need a man to pay for anything, which I take pride in.

Natalie: The obvious one would be that I’m a gold digger. What most people don’t know is that I pay for every part of my life. I pride myself on being independent and I take care of myself financially and emotionally.

Groupies and side chicks seem to be a major concern for the wives of athletes. As singles, do you think you feel less concern about other women being around/coming for whatever man you’re dating at the moment?

Olivia: If I’m in the ‘dating’ stage of the relationship I keep conscious of how the man carries himself when I’m there and not there. But ultimately if we are not exclusive then I have no real say in that regard. I just sit back and observe and if I see/hear something I don’t like I then make a judgement call if I want to move forward with them or not.

Natalie: I’m not really concerned with other women regardless of what relationship status I have with my man. I don’t think it’s healthy to worry. If there’s an obvious issue then deal with it but to just be concerned with women because they are around isn’t healthy.

Olivia, what’s it like having your sister on the show with you now?

Olivia: I think it’s great having my sister Sophia on the show. She adds some flavour that Natalie and I don’t. I am a huge family person so the more I can have around the better.

Natalie: Yes, Olivia and I are so laid back and don’t care much when the other girls bash us, but Sophia isn’t having it! She calls them out on everything and it makes things entertaining. She’s a bit of a fire-starter.

Season 2 of WAGS premieres tonight at 10pm on E!. Tune in for the drama, catfights, and shade that’s sure to come this season.

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