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Women Are Vying For Ari Nagel’s Sperm

Remember when we told you about “The King Of Sperm” or “The Sperminator” whose sired 22 children by donating sperm in public restrooms or by sleeping with lesbians hoping to conceive?

Well Ari Nagel now says his Facebook Inbox has been flooded with requests for sperm ever since his story made national news.

The New York Post reports:

“Nagel, who says he’s never denied a request, is weeding through the ladies. He has a standard reply at the ready: “I cut and paste ‘I’ll do my best. I’ll help you any way I can.’ ”

The broody women The Post spoke to — who range from single to divorced to being in a committed relationship, and include lesbians and heterosexuals — have a variety of reasons for desperately seeking the sperminator.

“He’s definitely a blessing because he’s doing the work for free,” says Sheila Killian, a 47-year-old custodial worker from Charlotte, NC, whose graphic designer wife, Sukeema, 40, hopes to get pregnant by Nagel. “We work paycheck to paycheck — we don’t have money for a sperm bank.”

Several women are now coming forward with their requests for Nagel’s man-milk. Did we mention that ALL of them are black?


Blandine Rodney, a 43-year-old Brooklyn nurse who wants a child with the college math professor, agrees. “He’s handsome, he’s a genius. I’d be proud to have my child say Ari is his father.”

The divorcée, like all of the other women The Post spoke to, is black (Several of Nagel’s 22 children have black mothers). “Someone said [to me] he’s trying to whitewash the black community,” says Rodney. “It’s not whitewashing! More white men should give sperm to women who need it.”

What do YOU think about all these women vying for The Sperminator’s seed???

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