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Genele Laird

Teenager Genele Laird Tasered And Kicked By Police Officers At Wisconsin Mall

Another day, another black person being abused by the boys in blue

Via DailyMail

A shocking video of two Wisconsin police officers body slamming an 18-year-old girl to the ground, kicking and punching her and then tasering her while she screams in agony has provoked angry protests

The video filmed at a mall in Madison last week shows the two unnamed officers holding Genele Laird’s hands behind her back after detaining her at a mall where she was allegedly threatening employees.

Officers then begin to wrestle her to the ground and kick her while doing so, before pinning her to the ground and tasering her several times.

Of course, the pigs cops say that all of their actions were completely justified…

But police say the video does not show the complete story and that Laird was arrested after she went into mall food court claiming to retrieve a phone from a Taco Bell employee and then began making threats.

Following the arrest she was taken into Dane County Jail where was held for three days.

Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said at a press conference: ‘She even indicated that she had a knife and that she was willing to stab someone. And there was a flash of that knife.’

Authorities also said that Laird kicked and scratched the arresting officers and even spat in their eyes.


Awwww, poor police. Manhandled by an 18-year-old girl…SMH

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