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Turkey Airport Blasts

Suicide Bombing At Istanbul Airport Leaves 41 Dead And Over 200 Injured

The DailyMail has obtained video from the surveillance cameras inside the Istanbul airport.

Witnesses have described the terrifying moment three suicide bombers launched a co-ordinated attack on Istanbul airport that has left at least 41 dead saying there was blood and body parts everywhere.

Shocking footage has shown an explosion at the door to the arrivals hall by a suicide bomber before another two attackers snuck into the building and dentonated their devices.

Twenty-three of the victims were Turkish citizens and 13 foreign nationals were also among the casualties, an official has said. A total of 41 people have already been confirmed dead, but Turkish officials said that number is expected to rise to 50.

This morning the airport has re-opened while investigators piece together what happened, just hours after the attacks, which also left 239 people injured.

A cameraman named Laurence Cameron described the scene as he saw it:

‘There was blood on the floor. It was just horrendous. Debris everywhere. A lot of the ceiling panels had fallen down, smashed all over the floor.
‘Coming out to the taxi rank, it was just full of ambulances. Blood was smeared all up to the car park.
‘People were in tears, especially people with families. They were quite clearly traumatised. There was a lot of uncertainty, no one really knew what was going on. Were we safe where we were?’

How sad…all those innocent people dead and hurt for absolutely nothing.

On the following page, there is footage of the very moment that the terrorist detonated their suicide bombs. We warned, the images are graphic…

Image via AP



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