Chris Breezy’s Security Guard: I saw all the fights… AND I’m selling C. Breezy’s Shoes!!! HuH???

- By Bossip Staff

Sooo Breezy’s Security, Big Dave is tweeting it up on Twitter on his day off about C. Breezy and RiRi’s relationship. He says that RiRi was insecure and they fought all the time and that they really didn’t know what love is… BUT then on the flip side, he is selling autographed Chris Brown Sneaks to the Highest Bidder… WTH???

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As you see if you want to know about Chris Brown and Rihanna… Big Dave is an open book. Especially if your trying to get some of C Breezy’s Original Gear… SMH!!! Big Dave also added that if Chris got a problem with what he’s doing… He can confront him like a grown azz man should…LOL!!! Let’s see how long Big Dave is employed…

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  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    What? Gimme Big Dave email address…I got some questions for him.

  • Samuel Jackson Beer


    Get yo hustle on

  • Journey


  • Shan

    Loool. Word…Big Dave’s out to make him some money.

  • tayler

    he lame..i stil luv ma bay chris

    && im 4th

  • What's In My Head?

    That is so messy! lol

  • Jordans Gyrl

    Toooo funny…

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    Is that Big Pun with Christina Brown?

  • The Official Mrs. Carter

    I thought the same thing…He does look like Pun (may he RIP)

  • LuV Me


  • Jena4rmthablock

    Womp Womp who cares Visit youravon. c o m /jeniferlevy for AVON and Mark at a great price!

  • tb

    He needs to speak up on what really happened with the fight!

  • Miss Perfect

    Lol…this dude is funny…He is tryna come up off of somebody else’s lives. What ever happened to loyalty…& he’s not doing nothin but stating opinions…”They were too young”

  • JB (VICK IS FREE!!!!!)

    He looks like Mac 10. You know we haven’t seen him in awhile.

  • http://bossip (( * )) ^ (( * ))

    Well it was just a matter of time…I’m quite sure that by Wednesday, this will be a fake twitter account created by some random person…but…there are some folks that would like to know what REALLY happened…and now I’m quite sure for the right price…eerbody and they momma will start talkin’

    and I too would like BIG DAVE’s email address…

  • You know what it is...

    LMAO @ Chris Brown posing for pix with Mac 10. How ironic, Mac 10 used to physically abuse T-Boz…and now they’re posing like: “yeah, we’ll smack a chick up in a minute if they get out of pocket!”

  • You know what it is...

    Probably because its a free country and what someone else considers “getting out of pocket” another person may consider free speech….

  • Katherine

    “Somebody’s gettin fired”

  • 303

    slow news day
    nothing of intrest
    blah, blah blah, blah

  • Twinkle

    Someone needs to design a helmet for my sisters that like to express themselves physically. They’ll be protected and still look beautiful the next day . Our brothers will know what time it is when they see the helmet come out.

  • john hope franklin

    look like he is big puns cousin to me…or clone

  • Oh Well...

    …of course…any woman who is insecure (mostly due to the fact that the child she’s dating can’t keep it in his pants) deserves to get beaten almost to death…for her insecurities. duh.

    stupid animals. the whole lot of them.

  • Raina

    @Oh Well… I thought the same thing. People are on here like “See, Rihanna’s insecure, Chris’ bodyguard said so…she needs a beatin right?”

    Kinda scary for my people…pls don’t tell your daughters this nonsense because when some insecure manchild gives her a black eye or breaks her jaw, she’ll hide it from you thinkin she deserved it.

  • Oh Well...

    it is scary, for all young girls to think A) your man can cheat on you and come and go as he pleases and B) if you have the cajones to question him about his abusive behavior then he has the right to beat you within an inch of your life. what BS, it’s really a shame that so many people don’t see this situation for what it is.


    Can we move on past this Chris and Rhianna shit

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