SMH: Vivica Fox and Her Hair Piece Are Drunk!

- By Bossip Staff

Up top is a picture of The Cougar, Vivica Fox,at an ATL night club over the weekend. They say she was extremely saucy and growling at young meat the whole night:

The cougar definitely came out to play on Friday night. Vivica Fox hit up Atlanta’s nightclub Primal where she made an appearance, and… Vivica… definitely utilized her free alcohol that was given to her! According to various sources, she had more drinks than she can handle. “I seen her down drink after drink!” Vivica Fox looks so much older in these pictures… not as glamorous as when she is on TV.

Damn, Viv is pushing forty-five. She needs to go sit her old ass down somewhere, looking like the black Joan Rivers. She should have been started a family…SMH


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  • sexylexis hates michael vick

    she still looks attractive but she shouldn’t have gotten any surgery.

  • tayler

    she look at mess && im 4 agin


    God,what the hell has she done? She used to be so pretty!

  • tayler

    i mean 3rd but now im 4th doe

  • Mama Mila

    Damn plastic surgery!!!!!!

  • d303

    yikes….tooo much botox and resteline…..she looks like she just got done sweatin to the oldies.

  • Sunny

    Leave her be. Just like the rest of Hollywood..botox and surgery for life!

  • She_4_Real

    Yeah…she looks ok. Why the lips though?

  • Jena4rmthablock

    Visit youravon. c o m / jeniferlevy for AVON and Mark at a great price!

  • tb

    Is she smiling or frowning?

  • JB (VICK IS FREE!!!!!)

    Her Cougar card has just been revoked!!! She has been blacklisted with Frankie

  • john hope franklin

    mane she kinda hard on the eyes now…dayum that plastic surgery…

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Hollywood really does a job on people. Vivica could use a little spiritual guidance of the right sort.

  • Dominique Devereaux

    Auntie Viv is always on point and she was on point at the club! That is how you party! We love you in the A Auntie Viv!!!!

  • bellydancer

    What the hell does her starting a family have to with anything.
    Maybe she does not want kids not all black women want a house full of damn babies.
    So she can party all the time if that is what she wants to do.

  • Kami All Day

    This is what happens when black women want to look like white women.

    They start to look like a muppet baby.

    Poor Vivica.

    Too bad she didnt have her own self-esteem about her beauty. Or lack thereof now……

    She let Hollyweird eat at her brain cells just as Lil Kim did. They look like a cloned person of their former selves…..all fake and shell-like.


  • Jamillah

    Black women don’t need to wear blush. We are not meant to have rosy cheeks. She looks like a clown with lip injections. smh

  • wifey06

    black women who try to hard to be white lose period.

    lil kim

    how black folks gonna support you when youare trying your best not to look black. why you think Lil kim lost DWTS!!!

    but viv looks great to me here!!! Better than before

  • Pride

    Okay a sister doing what she gots to do when all the brother going anothter race. Go ahead V get yours the best way you can.

    What’s up Monica holla Back

  • Pride

    Dayum I can’t type. ANOTHER race. Auntie V getting hers the best way she can.

    What’s up Monica Holla back

  • Anna

    john hope franklin

    mane she kinda hard on the eyes now…dayum that plastic surgery…
    My first words after seeing the pic is “she looks hard”.

  • Elana

    Black women wear whatever you want to wear. Someone is always trying to put Black women in a box, and tell them what they can, and cannot do, or wear. This is the USA. Black women have freedom of expression just like everyone else. They can do whatever they want to do. Black women/people come in a variety of hues. Stop the ignorance!!!

  • Somer

    Viv & Lil’Kim must go to the same doctor cause they are starting to look alike. All that work that Viv is having done is not making her look younger. It’s making her look different but the same damn age.

  • Faith without works is dead

    Elana – you must not be black. WE all know Auntie Viv looks a damn mess.



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