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D. Smith Talks Deb Antney On Bossip’s ‘Don’t Be Scared’ Podcast

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared” Danni and Jah chat with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s D. Smith.

The 2x Grammy nominated producer talked her initial transition to a transgender woman, confirmed whether or not she’d return to LHHATL and detailed the devastating impact of the Orlando club massacre to the LGBT community.

At one point she was also asked to respond to Deb Antney who previously told VH1 that she’s “not real” and added that, “the transgender community doesn’t need her.”

So, the issue with Caitlyn is that she’s famous, wealthy, white, can afford a glam team and you feel like we need stories from trans people that…

“From real trans people! said Deb. “That’s real. And not D. Smith because D. Smith just needs television time and D. Smith ain’t real. I deal with too many trans people, gay men, it doesn’t matter and do you know how many times I’m sitting here crying that someone wants to take their freaking lives for the stuff that they go through?


“This is not a joke, this is not a game,” she added. This is not even a platform, I don’t even think Love & Hip Hop was the platform for this because now it went somewhere totally different. People are really suffering with these kind of things, and I’m not gonna let D. Smith be the spokesperson for so many trans people that I know. A lot of trans people that I know don’t like what D. Smith is doing and it makes it hard because they don’t have all of that money.

[…] So, excuse me but D. Smith was not the person that should’ve been the spokesperson for transgender people, period.”

According to D. Smith however, who needs Deb Antney’s opinion??? She tells DBS:

“This is coming from someone whose son is named Waka Flocka, that doesn’t hurt me,” said D. Smith. “It only discredits her judgement. At the end of the day I know what I have to bring to the table so it’s not to her that I have to prove. If she dies right now what is her legacy? I don’t know anyone in the studio that says ‘Oh my God, in the next 10 years I wanna be Ms. Deb!'”


Watch D. Smith on “Don’t Be Scared” above.






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