Michael Vick is Free of Federal Custody But Still In Dog House

- By Bossip Staff

Mike Vick is supposedly released from Federal custody as of today; however, the man is not done with your boy yet:

Former Atlanta Falcon, Michael Vick, will be officially released from his federal dog fighting charges Monday (July 20), but faces a new series of judgments from NFL leaders and animal rights activists. Many will weigh in on Vick’s future at the hearing, including…Continue

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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • Hannibal

    “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!!!!!!!!”

  • Hannibal


  • 303

    they gonna make an example out of him huh

  • john hope franklin

    good deal vick!!!
    now get to work!!!

  • Moreaces

    What he did was horrible and cruel, but he has paid is dept, Let him play.. I am sure he has learned his lesson.. I for one would love to see him play again,, He can play for my boys,, Dallas..

  • Poca

    Come live with me Vick! 😉

  • Poca

    Can’t come to New England and play for the Pats, but u can come over my spot… Beantown!

  • JB (VICK IS FREE!!!!!)

    @ Moreaces, now that you guys have gotten rid of that wack player Jessica Simpson, you are no longer in need of a QB.

  • L bka Mrs. Philly


  • L bka Mrs. Philly


    I want my cake and I want to eat it too! UGH!

  • L bka Mrs. Philly

    “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!!!!!!!!”


  • http://twitter.com/ihavesuperpower twitter.com/ihavesuperpower

    Oh No!! Guard Your Pups!

    …sike naw, i believe if they locked him up they should lock up the whities hunting game & the ricans fighting c0cks…

  • white male

    so has he been lifting and running in the pen or is he out of shape now???

  • Mandy

    There is an NFL poll running at http://www.tinyurl.com/vicknfl as to whether Mike Vick should be allowed to return to the game, go vote!

  • Bebe

    I hate that prick for what he did.

  • http://www.myspace.com/bookeverybody M$GetMoney

    Not Condoning Dog Fighting, but FOR REAL, people are out here getting away with Murder LITERALLY & they are focused on this mans actions from years ago. I really don’t want to have to preach on what is really being overlooked. Let this man live.

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  • jenna love

    Leave this man alone he has not done know more thsn these white people that kill these beautiful animals in the woods.

  • http://undressingher.com undressingHER

    he definitely should be given another chance. Don’t we kill animals everyday in this country?

  • brynn

    Wow – can’t believe what I am reading. Are you guys crazy? What an abusive a**h*** vick is. He is such a sick individual. Glad I don’t know you. You must be as sick and abusive as he is.

  • tita13

    I hate PETA!!! Go Vick!!!

  • white male

    Vick had already been caught trying to bring a gravity bong piece through an airport before the dog thing.

  • bayo

    all in all ….I sincerely hope he learns alot from thesedomestic violence….But i have much dislike on prople towards him….Now,he’s got more pressure on him to redeem hos personality wise,his career in football and mostly LOVE from people and fans especially….

  • jenna love

    What Mike Vic done was wrong but it is know different than what the white people do everyday on these hunting shows. They kill animals for know other reason but for sport. So what is the difference?

  • Elana

    Mike Vick deserves another chance. He has not killed a human being. He paid his debt to society. Now he should be allowed to make a living. It seems that even, if a Black man pays his debt to society he is never forgiven by the white man. God forgives.

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