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Kylie Calls Tyga Her “Husband” After Reconciliation

Kylie Jenner and Tyga’s month-long break up is officially over, and the couple is reportedly “stronger than ever.” After spending a few weeks apart and taking some time to reflect and share their genitalia with new, exciting people, the duo has come back together to give it a 16th shot — even living together this time around.

As that constantly chatting “source” shared with E!online:

“[They are] definitely, officially, 100% back on.”

“They needed a reset. Ky is happy. She feels like she needed the time apart but it’s fate.”

Isn’t everything just “fate” and “destiny” for 18-year-old girls in love with and getting piped by grown men? Really…it sounds more like they needed time apart so Kylie could party next door while Tyga played with ex-Taz’s Angels — but hey, if that formula works for them so be it.

Kylie’s clearly back on board with Tyga being her full-time bae. While looking at nail designs she saw one featuring a gold pharoah…and was instantly reminded by her ancient Egypt-obsessed “husband.”

Welp, we guess these two aren’t going to let a pesky little detail like his ex-fiancee being pregnant with her brother’s baby stand in the way of their sweet swirly love…




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