Kim Kardashian in Another Kini’…And Another!

- By Bossip Staff

Damn, the Kim Kardashian bikini pictures are flowing like cold water. We don’t really care why she took these. All we want to do is show you her cakes and call her an attention whore.

Pop the top and see them cakes airborne…

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    O, look, it’s raining boodie.

  • Certain

    Kim K can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • white male

    BREAKING NEWS – Kim jumps on trampoline.

  • Toxicity

    @white male

    the White man is always right.

  • white male

    @ toxicity

    I am against any racial stereotyping. White man not always right.


    why is this skank news?

  • Toxicity

    I have the version where she was pissed on

  • A1


    lol @ that. Who got pissed on who? She actually took piss to the grill?

  • porterwayne

    Fellas, don’t front you know damn well if you had the opportunity you’d hit it and some of you kitty lickers would hit it too..end of story. Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. Kim do yo damn thing girl.

  • kp

    reggie is so so happy for kim she deserves him, but i dont think he’s gng to marry her tho, if so who cares

  • starlite

    @ white male

  • Please

    @ Oh Well

    I guess integrity and self-respect means nothing when it comes to making some money, right? Do you think that President Obama would tell his daughter, ‘well, if they’re going to see it anyway, you might as well make some money’? Hell no! He would be on the phone with a damn lawyer getting cease and desists for every site out there.

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    trash bag * 😉

  • top ramen

    Not a good look in the face, and please believe that pu has been beat out of the solar system… the booty is fake and she’s used up! Brother’s get it together, when your longing for these kind of broads…even i’m scared! Love the real sista’s that keep us on point and do’nt want us to end up in an early grave.

  • Hottistchickinthegame

    What I meant to say was ……Her future children’s peers THAT THEY WILL grow up around get old enough and sit around at the lunch table and talk about how many times they jerked off to their mother’s tape since the last time they saw them…and then send them an e-mail of it on their cell phone and whatever media tools are in existance at the time….

  • Shay

    …this is getting tired. Nobody cares about these chicks.

  • Umaja

    Kim, you keep jumping Baby because Reggie Bush will never marry you. Now you have something else to do.


    Kim looks good.

  • Consider this....

    Another Black site r!ding a white hoe’s jock. Get off this b!tch already, FVCK!

  • Re

    Looks good to me. *shrug*

  • Cutie

    @ KingHandsome

    You got it!…and just to think, a black boy was KILLED over whistling at whyte hoes. Wow!

  • Jay the Real One

    I’d hate to see what you folks would have said about the President’s mama.

  • get get get it

    She was holding up that pink inner tube to demonstrate how huge her vagina is!!

  • Jay the Real One

    @ Bee

    That’s how ridiculous they are, they up old pictures to run and blame her for it.

  • Sunny

    @ YO

    Don’t feel bad for black women, we are big girls we can handle it….for you see we have always been the back bone, the strong leaders of the black race. Let the boys go out and play, because in the end they will come to their senses and realize who the true mothers are. They just wan’t their moments with the bimbo’s. And for the record they are with them only because they say they are easy……if you know what I mean. Peace

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