*Breaking News* Chris Brown Finally Man’s Up and Apologizes

- By Bossip Staff

Yeah, we can’t believe it either. Chris Brown finally asked his fans and society for forgiveness. Now maybe people will get over it.

Pop the top and see the video for yourself.

He seems sincere and really did address the incident at hand. Kudos…woman beater.

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  • You Smell Me??


  • G_Smooth1

    Naw it’s not too late, his hands was tied, but Chris tell what happen. Did u slap her hard in the back of the head and she hit the dash board or did u slam on the brake to get the phone because u want to text back that u wanted that aged booty.

  • http://twitter.com/ihavesuperpower twitter.com/ihavesuperpower

    better late than never! Breezy, you’re alright in my book. young & dumb & in need of counseling…but i don’t believe ur the demon they make u out to be, i believe you got caught up.

    i do also believe that you need a new team of “people” b/c the way you’ve handled this situation thus far and this l@te a$$ apology has been nothing short of sh*tastic! You need more [better] people!

  • hmmm


  • Gimmeabreak78

    Chris, really? Wow. I guess better late than never, but it’s still trifling.

  • Ohio_888



    I learned a new word today – ‘shitastic.’

  • http://bossip miss dior


  • Lady Shady

    wow, he almost made me cry…almost.

  • Sheeeet!!

    I don’t buy it. He’s probably tryin’ to get back in her pants! Even my 7 y.o. grandson knows better and even stated that he “didn’t like Chris Brown any more because he hit his own girlfriend! It’s a bad thing when you hit girls, but especially your own girlfriend!”

  • http://yahoo mamagotswagg

    Hia apology seems like it is straight from the heart. Nobody knows what the situation was that night but Rhianna and him so this man should not be condemed we all make mistakes. Dats wats up CB>>

  • BellaY

    Chris is only sorry for what this has done to his career. Too little….too late.

  • MB

    I thought what he did to Rihanna was VERY wrong, but I truly think his apology was heartfelt. I think we should forgive him but definitely NOT forget. The bible teaches forgiveness.

  • Caliluv

    I want a play by play account of what happen if not then shut up. its too late to apology its too late…just go back to teynna taylor and do nothing

  • kiki

    Better late then never, I’ll take that even tho it looked like an election speech.

  • sexzlady

    i aint throwin stones, glad he apologized DONT DO IT AGAIN

  • Somer

    I think his people finally realize that it wasn’t that easy getting right back in the game. Chris money is probably low. He lost a lot of endorsement money. Behind the scene’s he is probably being turned down for a lot of of work cause insurance on him would be too high. Just cause you see him at Diddy’s white party does not mean the jews who run Hollywood is willing to let him work. The 1st company to hire him will also have to deal with womens right groups. Personally, I don’t think he is worth the insurance money. He’s an average singer & dancers come a dime a dozen.


    ‘Role model’? That ship done sailed, ol’ boy. But g’on and git yo mea culpa on… Rock ’em/ Sock ’em.

  • MB

    @ Caliluv I know!! I think we all deserve a play-by-play too! This is ridiculous! Just explain what happened! Shit!

  • highasaneagleyadig

    Too late.. should have did this b4 he decided to show his abs with omarion a dike n biglipasaurus

  • Educated Lady

    Im glad he finally did this. It was truly needed.

  • ak

    He deserves another chance. He’s so young and you’ll are so wrong for condemning him. You treat murderers better than you’ve treated him.




  • Wanjiruยฎ

    As long as it’s sincere, it’s never too late to apologize ( ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry @Rascal Flatts ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

    With this situation though, there’s just NO WINNING, he’s damned if he does; he’s damned if he doesn’t.

    Well, I’m glad he did (apologize, that is!) ๐Ÿ™‚


  • MB

    Chris you is not gon be no damn role model again in your lifetime so you need to be quiet with all that nonsense!

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