Race Matters: #BlackLivesMatter Supporters Shut Down Toronto Gay Pride Parade Until Their Demands Are Met

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Black Lives Matter Supporters Stop Toronto Gay Pride Parade Until Their Demands Are Met

A large group of BLM supporters stopped the Toronto gay pride parade to address some key issues in the Black gay community according to RT News:

Toronto’s famous Pride parade was interrupted by members of the Black Lives Matter group, which halted the march for about 30 minutes.

Black Lives Matter Toronto addressed the issue of anti-Blackness within Pride Toronto.

The group, which received Honored Group status at the parade, stopped their float during Sunday’s march for around 30 minutes, not allowing others to proceed until their demands were met.

In its news release, the Black Lives Matter said Pride Toronto “has shown little honor to black queer/trans communities, and other marginalized communities. Over the years, Pride has threatened the existence of black spaces at Pride that have existed for years.”

The situation was resolved as Pride Toronto agreed and signed the list of demands, which allowed the parade to resume.

Some of the demands included a commitment to increasing representation among Pride Toronto, prioritizing hiring of black transgender women and indigenous people, as well as excluding police floats from the parade.

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But the demands were eventually met…

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