Bey Blockers

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here are some shots of Beyonce hiding her face whilst leaving the Waverly Inn this weekend in NYC. We don’t blame her for covering up this time, but we’re sure the stans are pissed.

Images via Splash

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  • WTF

    she looks like a white woman



  • Lauren

    WTF?? Whats wrong with her face?

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Lauren…what’s good beautiful. How was the weekend?

    Obama did his thing in Wyoming!

    OBAMA ’08 & ’12

    YES WE CAN!! &


  • Born

    I’m down for all races and I know the photogs lights arwe bright, but damn did B bleach herslef. What is it with all this chicks with blond hair and light skin when some use to be medium brown. (Check the old videos). And once again…Damn…who are you trying to be and fit in with?

  • Born

    Damn. I’m off this morning…that would be are and herself.

  • so

    Why go to waverly inn if you don’t want attention? I don’t get the coyness.

  • Mississippi Girl

    Since when did she start dodging the cameras? I guess she is tired of that phony ass cheesin!!!

  • soulwoman

    Why is she covering up all of a sudden? All these times the paps have taken pictures she goes about her business. Now, she is covering up? Whatev. Seems like a publicity stunt to me. She may have been shotting a scene for Pop Fiction.

  • Fresh Perspective

    Maybe she’s hiding because she got some work done–nose, lips, eyes, who knows.

  • Mo

    Damn, what’s wrong? Bey NEVER covers her face for the paps! Either her hair is crazy or something’s wrong with her face.

  • SBM...Lakers 08

    It’s really Michael Jackson

  • SBM...Lakers 08

    Lol and “Bey Blockers” sounds like something in my lotion

  • Reality

    its unlike her to cover her face!!she must be tired, or mad who knows

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    She doesn’t usually hide her face, so maybe she was without makeup, has a major pimple or just not feeling like being photographed…*shrugging*

  • ~*~IslandNik~*~

    she has a smirk on her face… who is more photographed than rihanna?? britney!!! so shes tryin to get her britney on.. rih rih stole her shine

  • Lauren

    @ Notorious One…Hay boo? My weekend was good….I went lookin 4 u on south street AGAIN! lol! jk…..OH YEAH OBAMA definitely did his thing but I’m mad they keep saying that Hil’s gonna take over PA….should I still vote? Or do you think its useless??

  • Southern Belle 225

    I can honestly say that I don’t care about this. This is not news. However, if they wouldn’t have said it was beyonce, i would swear by the hair and the small area of face we can see, that this was a white woman.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Hey yall!

  • Fit-n-Fab

    ROFL…how come folks ALWAYS make so much out of nothing?

    …how about she just didn’t want the shutterbugs in her face…everyone has a “bad” day…

  • lisalisa

    WHy is she covering her face all of a sudden?

  • Luving "The Wire" Forever!

    yeah. what’s wrong w/ her face? And what’s cracking at the Waverly Inn? everyone’s been spotted there recently.

  • Lina

    Dang looks like they have her cornered too where is Jay? He needs to be protecting her….

  • Passion

    I understand the deadbeat part but not the being evicted from her apartment part. Even though he is suppose to pay for child support, it is her fault that she got evicted. How about you get a better job and stop depending on others. If you had a job before you got evicted, then maybe you wouldn’t be living with friends. As for as Mario, child support enforement is the answer. I’m sure he doesn’t want to go to jail for child support so if you enforce it, then he would pay up.

  • SoSo

    It looks like she is bundled up, trying to stay warm and she doesnt feel like stoppin to take pics. Rihanna will never take her shine. Beyonce has more talent in her pinky finger than RIH does in her whole body. However homegirl is lookin a lil pale and wit the bright blonde braid in the back, if I didnt kno any better I might think it she was mariah or some ish

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