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We couldn’t make that name up, but you know how Maury does…

Wednesday, Adnessia came to prove that Torrey is the father of her child. However, Torrey’s sister Aleia insists that he is NOT!
Is there another possible man who could be the father to Adnessia’s child? Two life changing DNA tests will be read and determine the fate of this little girl! Plus, Cami came to the show to test two men for the paternity of her baby. Will Ian or Daylon be proven to be the father of Cami’s child? Don’t miss the results plus an update on this incredible story!
Later, Vestiqua is back for a third time to prove that a man named Kieron that he is the father of her one year old son. While she was wrong in her previous attempts, she claims she is 100% positive that Kieron is the father! Vestiqua dated Kieron for a few months before breaking up and when she became pregnant, Kieron vanished. He says they were never in a relationship and only had sex with her three times out of charity. Vestiqua’s mother Lavina is losing hope on ever being able to solve this DNA quagmire!



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