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Donald Trump’s Anti-Semitic Tweet Originated From White Supremacist Account

Donald Trump’s tweet that showed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and a six-pointed star on a pile of money was originally found on a white supremacist website according to NY Times:

Trump’s account on Saturday tweeted the so-called “meme” — then deleted it and replaced it substituting a circle for the star symbol that resembles the Jewish Star of David. The change came after a social media uproar about the star tweet’s potentially anti-Semitic implications.

The meme first appears to have hit the Internet on June 15, when it was posted by the Twitter user @FishBoneHead1. The account, which described itself as belonging to a comedian, regularly tweeted out anti-Clinton and right-leaning messages and images.

The image also appeared on June 22, on /pol/, an active neo-Nazi Internet message board that features many anti-Semitic posts.

It remains unclear where Trump’s campaign obtained the image. A spokeswoman for the campaign did not immediately respond to questions about the original tweet or who was responsible for sending it out. Trump’s twitter account remained silent on the issue Sunday.

The @FishBoneHead1 account was deleted amid the uproar on Sunday afternoon. The person who operated the feed did not respond to a request for comment before it was deleted. The post itself was deleted from the /pol/ message board, but its existence was confirmed by The Associated Press through an internet search engine that combs internet archives.

The original tweet from the racist account:


Make AmeriKKKa great again!



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