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Rayna from Flavor of Love was in the prestigious “Smooth Magazine”. We don’t know how recent these pics are, but good golly, that’s a big ole booty.

Fill in the Blank: These Flavor of Love broads are only good for __________.

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  • Marquis de Sade


  • checkoutmystatus


  • SBM.."loves his lakers"

    lol thats a real booty..airbrushed but it is definitely hers

  • Marquis de Sade

    Now that, that’s out the way, i can carry on with the business at hand. Now that’s an AZZ! Makes me feel like Mr. Whipple. I wanna squeeze on her Charmin.

  • SUPERstarShine

    Not surprised at this at all…

  • finewine

    top 10!


  • huhsaywhat?

    this is getting sad:-(

  • Bird

    What they are good for has not been revealed.

    As for Rayna, her look is totally manufactured. We know from the show that her lacefront game ain’t hittin on nothing and her body doesn’t look like that. Photoshop can make us all into Halle Berry convincingly.

  • anonymous

    what a dumb ass, all up on here posting first… bainless no life havig idiot!

  • SBM.."loves his lakers"

    lol give me a credit card and a hanker chief………

  • and another one...

    These Flavor of Love broads are only good for __________ f*cking married rappers and flashing they booty. This one didn’t waste any time huh? She’ll be hitting Plies by next week.

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    Spreading them legs WIDE….I’m sorry but Flav ugly azz better be smashing. Do what you gotta do Flav,use you lil piece of fame to keep smashin semi-dymes. He def. should be running up in this one right here.

  • valenne

    one another hoe in the heaven of the hoe!

    So i guess, people are going to call me hater!!!

    I mean, when you go to flav of love, you are supposed to make an A## shot, i mean, is it in the contract or what??

  • NotoriousOne

    Does this mean that her 15 minute clock is officially ticking? Tic, toc, tic, toc…

  • Mo

    Flava of Love should be renamed “Ass Love: We got 32 Flavas”, because all these chicks ultimately want to do is show their asses in a glossy magazine. Among all these ladies…sorry these broads, don’t any of them have REAL talents they can promote and make money from? Acting? Designing? Art? (As much as I love Smooth Mag – it does not classify as art). It’s sad when the only door of opportunity that opens after Flava of Love is spread-eagle modeling!

  • Kompton's Kutie

    Fill in the Blank: These Flavor of Love broads are only good for __________. ….showing their asses.

  • RIP Snoop

    You broads stay hatin. Yall jealous cuz yall got too much jelly in the waistline. Dem chicks is doin there thang. Stop the hate. When niccahs is up there, its a bunch of ding a ling comments. no homo

  • Southern Belle 225

    ***sigh*** its obvious they are all photoshopped but can they at least not give them the same ass? All of their asses look the same. Can’t they shape them differently? How are they guys going to tell them apart if all the ass looks the exact same? What’s going to make them more of a “commodity” if they all look the same?

  • valenne

    RIP Snoop,

    Are you stupid enough to think that she looks like that?! Wel, you re funny!


    she got a big ole ass!!!


  • outtapocket

    Fill in the Blank: These Flavor of Love broads are only good for _______laughs.



  • K Dubb

    “These Flavor of Love broads are only good for”… using Flav for the charcoal he is and trying to ignite their wanna be careers.

    I’m relatively new to this site, but all I know is… there better be some sistas on here claiming that this ass is fake just like they do when some other ladies (who will remain nameless) butts are showcased on this site, if not; then I’ll really know what it’s all about then.


    @k dubb

    we all know blk chicks have the biggest real asses

    dont front!

  • valenne

    oh and yes, that a## looks fake but i am not sure, it is not that big if you consider the fact that thye surely diminish the waist ! so, maybe not, we need tosee it in real pictures to see how it looks and then maybe have an idea.

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