"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" Cast Member Announces That They're Leaving

It’s A Wrap: Guess Which #LHHATL Cast Member Just Announced That They’re Leaving The Show

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Guess who…

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Cast Member Announces That They’re Leaving

A certain member of the LHHATL cast recently told BOSSIP that they have absolutely NO plans to return for the next season.

This lady is a newcomer to the cast who isn’t afraid to shut down people like Bambi with her slick mouth.


Did we mention that she’s got a bestie on the show and she was seen feuding with Tammy Rivera?


Can YOU guess who’s not coming back???Hit the flip for the reveal.

It’s D. Smith!

D. Smith recently told BOSSIP’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast that she’s absolutely done with LHHATL and won’t be returning.

No [I won’t be back], I barely made it through this season. They barely got me on the first season, there was a whole month where Betty [Idol] and I weren’t on there because I quit the show in the middle of the season. I was uncomfortable with the dialogue. I don’t foresee me being on another season.

She also noted that she’s never even watched an episode from this season that she calls “disappointing.”

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I’ve never even seen an episode, not one. I don’t read comments. I stay clear away from my social media. I have amazing things going on in my life and I”m super happy.

She also spoke on being a transgender woman on Love & Hip Hop…

The truth of the matter is D. Smith is a producer with some accolades, some success, I’m a singer, an artist and I happen to be transgender. That’s what I wanted to portray and that’s what I wanted trans people to see. The overkill with trans, trans, trans and LGBT—what’s the big deal? Everyone in this world has a gay or trans friend, cousins, uncles, aunts. Why is it so big? I think that was definitely a concern. […] Me being on the show is waving the flag.

on Betty Idol defending her from Tammy Rivera…

Betty has a real track record of being super passionate and protective of people she loves. That was genuinely her passion.


and on Waka Flocka’s mom Deb Antney saying that the “trans community doesn’t need her.”

“This is coming from someone whose son is named Waka Flocka, that doesn’t hurt me,” said D. Smith. “It only discredits her judgement. At the end of the day I know what I have to bring to the table so it’s not to her that I have to prove. If she dies right now what is her legacy? I don’t know anyone in the studio that says ‘Oh my God, in the next 10 years I wanna be Ms. Deb!'”


Listen to D. Smith on “Don’t Be Scared” below.


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