Joe Jackson On Beating Michael:” You know What This Beating Started? Beating Started in the Slavery Days”

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Joe Jackson was interviewed by Larry King last night and said that he did not beat up on Michael Jackson. He also started talking about slaves:

In an interview with CNN’s Larry King Monday, Joe Jackson, father of the late pop legend Michael Jackson, denied abusing his son, as the deceased performer claimed. During a show – which has been just one in a blitz of Michael Jackson-focused topics the show has aired since Jackson’s death – the patriarch of the Jackson clan adamantly denies…Continue

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  • Samuel Jackson Beer


  • dior


  • Samuel Jackson Beer

    too slow dior

  • Dr.Winkie

    funny how he chosen to deny it now–knowing the dead cant defend themselves.

  • josh

    Look at that documentary called living with michael jackson. In the 1st 5 minutes he says his dad used to hit them if they got dance steps wrong. You can see it really affected him.

  • Aunt Viv

    Joe Jackson makes me ill. That man is pure evil.

  • Caramel Cat

    Honestly, I don’t know why Joe agreed to do this interview. The whole thing was a mess with him and that Rowe guy and they both looked pretty stupid to me. Joe didn’t really answer any questions and he didn’t look like a grieving father at all. I wonder about him for real…



  • m

    i don’t understand. is he saying because he didn’t hit his kids with a whip and make them say their name was toby, is wasn’t abuse? don’t get me wrong, i got whooped as a kid, but i got over it. for michael to still dwell on it and talk about it into adulthood, it had to be more than just whooping.

  • Kitina

    I think Joe is getting a bad wrap, I do believe he may have spanked or whipped his children but did he beat them down? I don’t believe so…just for the fact that the more normal Jackson children haven’t said that they were beaten.

    I think MJ probably didn’t like the discipline and the way he was raised and chose to distance himself from his father. But at any rate no matter how much we speculate we don’t know what really went down. None of us were there.

    But I do wish they would allow MJ to rest in peace.

  • Karma

    Leave Joe alone. He didn’t beat MJ, he whoop him for being out of pocket. We need more Joe Jacksons in our communtiy that are raising their kids. Instead we have mofo that can’t read or do math and think that it is cool. Shyt MJ could read and do math– he became one heck of business man because his dad pushed him to acheive the unacheivable. Where are the daddys? Let’s look at ourselves versus trying to analyze a fallen icon who just want to be left alone. MJ RIP. Would we even know who MJ is without Joe Jackson? Yall fall back–

  • Holy shyt!!!!

    There is no right about this man!!! He looks of PURE EVIL!!!

  • Resurrected

    Joe is avoiding the question… He does not care what MJ felt as long as he can be in the spot light.. As a parent how do U have no idea what your child feels about you are a person and parent… To me this is a parent that does not want to face reality, yeah you got MJ in the industry but it does not mean that you did not also cause him damage…

  • Eva

    HELL NO PAPA JOE!!!!!!!

  • This Long Distance is @ work :(

    I’m sure he spanked them and slapped them upside the head too. Michael was a pretty sensitive guy so it affected him in the long run.
    Joe doesn’t appear to have just lost a child. No grieve whatsoever. Guess he’s too excited about his label or maybe that’s just the way he is.

  • DDub (Right? Right.)

    I’m trying to figure out why Larry King has done a MJ show for 2 weeks straight. Was that his hero or somethin? You’d have thought he’d say something about Walter Kronkite.

  • Rihanna's sharp,black, witchy fingernails

    Joe Jackson saying # 34949943
    “I’m o beat yo head”- revealed by Michael on Bashir’s interview

  • Joe Jackson - DIE ALREADY

    I can’t stand to listen or look at this OLD JOKE and LOSER!

    Those poor kids!!! I would drug myself to death too, if I had good ol’ lying bastard Joe as father.

  • Silent Abuse

    IMO, MJJ held something else against Joe.

    Would Joe have allowed older men to touch MJJ to get them in the business? I heard that once before. Joe would leave MJJ in hotels with businessmen. What did they do to that young man? MJJ saw so much more than we will ever know while he was still a young child and then an impressionable young man and it wasn’t pretty evidently. And that is why he didn’t trust anyone – how could he? Look what people did to him when he was still a child. I see why he wanted to be around children at least children were easier to deal with and he could trust them unlike some of the shady, seedy people he had come to know in his early life.

  • Choocolate Dude

    As much as Joe freaks me out I have to agree with *ENKOGKNEEGRO on this one.. Well put sir.

  • hope4more

    Joe is old broken down pimp that used his kids to get what he was not capable of getting. Micheal would have shined without him, because the music was already in him. On the red carpet his talking about his record company not his son. I saw the interview and Joe is on a mission to find out about the people taking advantage of Micheal including AEG and Dr. Toheme R, Toheme, and NOI . Had he had a closer relationship maybe he could have cut some of those enablers off.

  • !!!!!R.I.P M.J!!!!!


  • Tootie

    Why do my people insist on shaming me around “good white folk”!

  • bri

    WTH joe didn’t molest his daughters, that’s sick

    alot of ppl got whoppings when they were growing up, i did. everyone is different and it affects them differently

  • Huh? (new on here but not 2 b confused with the other 1)

    I have mixed feelings regarding Joe Jackson, without him the world wouldn’t have had Michael Jackson and we would have missed out on someone so wonderful (but if Mike wasn’t famous he may have been better off or not according to Joe and the neighborhood they grew up in). On the other hand Joe seems so uncaring and money hungry which is probably what made him hit Michael exclusive (which is what it seems like). MJ was Joe’s ticket to fame and fortune so he worked him hard and got mad at him if he didn’t do things the way he wanted. I don’t think Joe is evil (though his eyebrows beg to differ) but he seems to love money more than his family which is never good. Also he grew up back in the day and then and now too make parents think it’s cool to hit their kids over minor things.

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