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#BlackLivesMatter Sign Magically Left By Burning Car

Remember that old White guy who swore that Black people wrote “Blacks Rule” on his driveway and blamed it on Black people?

This guy.

Well we might have another story that’s just as incredible. A police car in Daytona Beach, Florida was torched by a molotov cocktail and was totally engulfed in flames. And somehow there was a note, a paper note, at the scene of the FIRE that read #BlackLivesMatter.

Again. A paper note. Near a burning car.

This is what’s left of the car. Yet there was a note. Made of flammable paper that read #BlackLivesMatter left somewhere near the car. Was if floating in the air? Was it made of magical paper material? We need answers.

Meanwhile people are telling us other places they found #BlackLivesmatter notes and it’s spot on.

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Take a look at more people who don’t buy the BS.



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