Move Over Joe… Katherine Fights for MJ’s Estate

- By Bossip Staff

Looks like Katherine Jackson has a mind of her own and isn’t afraid to fight for what’s hers.

According to reports, Katherine wants to make sure she is included in ALL matters concerning Michael’s estate, and to ensure she is, she has hired lawyer Londell McMillan.  McMillan says Katherine won’t challenge the will but says she definitely deserves a seat at the table. 

Sources close to Katherine claim she has already requested to have participation in the decision-making and the request was denied.  Both Katherine and McMillan have made it clear that they are pushing for Joe NOT to become the co-executor. 

Although McMillan is playing nice, he has said he will go the extra mile if Katherine instructs him to do so!  If we were KJ, we’d go that extra mile and then some, because Joe is one hell of a monkey to get off your back.

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  • Hannibal


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  • Sanjor

    I really think there is a difference between getting beaten and being spanked. I was never beaten as a child.

  • B'More

    Katherine is letting those peckerwoods know that she isn’t just some senile old lady. don’t let her age fool you lol. and people do need to lay off joe. bottom line, no matter how you feel about him, we wouldn’t have had Michael if his father didn’t bring him and his brothers from Gary, Indiana, to the world, regardless of how he brought him here.

  • jj


    the difference is in the words. nowadays we use “spanking”. in Joe Jackson’s day, it was called “beating”. i think that’s what confuses everybody, because my parents understand what he means when he says ‘beating’, but everyone my age trips out.


    Katherine is trying to contest the will without being perceived as contesting the will because as it stands today none of her children nor Joe will receive one penny off of Michaels Estate unless she can get a seat at the table that controls the dollars.

    Probate is a long drawn out process and with the financial complications attached to Michael’s estate it will be even longer. Katherine will probably die w/o receiving a penny because all of Michaels music, and his image is now controlled by the Trust. Everything money making venture relating to Michael has to be approved FIRST by the Trust and the monies received go into the Trust!

    First and foremost, all of Michael’s creditors will have to be paid before any of his beneficiaries receive a penny. Also, the way Michael drew up his will, he made it impossible for the beneficiaries to leave their share to anyone no named by the Trust (all the monies stay in the Trust) as such Katherine cannot will her share to his brothers/sisters or father and upon her death her share reverts back to the Trust.

    Katherine is broke, her home is now majority owned by the Trust and this is hindering her financially because she is taking care of Jermaine, his children and ex-wife, Randy and his children and several other grandchildren.

    Unless she can get at the table of the Trust monies their smooching days are over. Michael took care of everybody in life but in his death the Trust is only going to take care of Katherine (quarterly checks) after the creditors are paid and as I stated earlier, she will probably die before she gets a penny – other that what is necessary to take care of his children.

  • rose by any other name

    JJ, you are right it was beating back in those days, and my parents got their butts beat and they are good people and respectable, some white idiot took the word whip and spank and changed it to beating but if they had whipped those brats they have they wouldnt have to pay that big lady from nanny 911 to come and tell them what to do with their kids>

  • bluekid

    I hope those controlling Jews that got Michael Jackson money go to hell right behind him and that is also reality.

  • bluekid

    And as far as all you jealous hating white folk, scared that the Jackson are going to get their share of their son and brothers wealth go to hell!

  • bluekid

    Michael knew all along his mother was going to issue out the money to his siblings. So WTF is it your business what she does with her 40 percent. I hope she get and give it to her family as quick as possible, now take that white folks and got to hell with gasoline draws.

  • bluekid

    Why are people so upset with Ms. Katherine Jackson because she wants to share the wealth with her children, do you realize this money will help her grandchildren also, those children that Michael Jackson has are not his biological children, those are children he had in his imaginary world that only he could understand and they are entitled to forty percent. Michael Jackson gave his mother forty percent of that money because he knew she would do the right thing with it by sharing it with his siblings. This is what any mother would do!
    Michael Jackson is dead! He know longer with us to worry about money are anything else for has that goes, please let his family alone. I know you are trying to get ratings, bashing that family make you look like a mad dog. Ms. Katherine Jackson is not doing any more than what you would do for your twins. Michael Jackson is dead and forty percent is now Ms. Katherine Jackson money she can do what she want with it, just like Michael Jackson gave twenty five million to Jordan in 1994 it was his money he could do what he want with it. Paid little boys off, bought little boy’s expensive toys, he did what ever he wanted with his money.
    Now he’s dead. Regardless of what you think and what Michael Jackson did the bottom line is that he Michael Jackson had been insane for a long time living in a fantasy that only he understood. Michael Jackson has nieces and nephews that are in need and their uncle’s money will give them a chance in life. Ms. Katherine Jackson forty percent is none of your business. I could careless if she gives it to Joe Jackson its hers, If Michael Jackson had lived a better moral life his life would have turn out differently, rather than hiding behind beard. Lisa Marie =beard. Debby R=beard and the children=beard. Let it go!
    Joe Jackson is eighty years old, stop trying to kill this man in the media, it wasn’t so long ago you were doing the same to Michael Jackson during the allegations.

  • bluekid

    You stupid people are trying to make everything the Jackson family do look bad, you Mother Fks!
    Go straight to hell!

  • cherokee23

    I think Mother Katherine feels as though she owes at least this much to Michael. She may feel guilty for the way he was treated as a child and eventually how he turned out to be – wasn’t allowed to enjoy being a child, hated the color of his skin, Joe and the execs just stripped him of his life.

  • mj is invincible

    Branca and mcclain are not only executors of the will, but also trustees of the Michael Jackson Family trust.That means they have consoladated,uncheck control of all decisions related to it. They stand to make millions in their combine administrative capacities and will have to answer to no one. How do we know they did not take advantage of the isolated,INCOMPETENT PERSCRIPTION DRUG ADDICTED MIKE and apply duress to secure totality of control? Remember even grace the nanny had been conveniently “let go” at the time Branca and co re-entered mj life.

  • jenna love

    Everybody out for money in MJ scandal case, even though MJ was alone in so many ways. His family did’nt care anything about him. They are in the process of going on tour. They want his money just like all the other people involved.

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    […] is included in ALL matters concerning Michael’s estate, and to ensure she is, she has hired lawyer Londell McMillan.  McMillan says Katherine won’t challenge the will but says she definitely […]

  • Shootingstar

    Katherine Jackson is NOT fighting for what is her’s. She is fighting for property that MJ wanted to go to some other party.

    I don’t understand what the hell else she wants. She got 40% of the mans estate and he stated he wanted her to raise his children.

    She is coming across as slimy as Joe. No wonder MJ was such a damn mess.

  • cici


  • Intell

    First, someone needs to prove that MJ’s Will was not signed under duress (force). The clause about leaving his “entire estate” to his lawyer and manager are not initialed. Secondly, MJ established a Michael Jackson Family Trust to assure that his extended family would reap the rewards of his fortune after his death. It’s in the favor of the executors to divide the Jackson family by playing Katherine against Joe on the money issues; while allowing Katherine to “Mammy’ the kids until a good boarding school is found. Whoever Attorney McMillan is, I hope he will contest the validity of MJ’s will, specify that the family is to benefit from the Michael Jackson Family Trust, take possession of MJ’s belongings from Julien’s Auction House. At this particular, it is imperative for the Jackson Family to become strategic, pray for wisdom and all pull together as a united front if their own legacy is to benefit from the untimely death of MJ. I hope the Jackson Family will remember Michael’s words-“They don’t care about us.”

  • sweetneke

    you go kathreen contest the will all the way till you die these people should not have complete and absolute power over michaels estate and not for one minute do i believe michael set it up this way he said his mother was an absolute saint on oprah winphey interview i believe he left her forty percesnt but i don’t believe he left them with absolute complete control lawyers are snakes and these people are snakes understand if kathreen dies even the kids have no say this is just wrong i hate the man they still everything from us and the courts uphole it this judge should get kathreen a sit at the table these men should not have complete control no way

  • budsgirl54

    It wasn’t just the beatings that hurt MJ. He was also kept away from everyday normalcy his whole life. He was basically pure in spirit and mind because he was never allowed to get jaded by tv, schoolmates and the things in life that WE all got
    to experience. He was too good for this earth and the people who tortured him will get their retribution some day. I will pray for his soul to
    rest in peace and may he continue to entertain on the other side of the veil.

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