Donald Trump Officially Named GOP Candidate

Welp, This Is Happening: Donald Trump Officially Named GOP Presidential Nominee

- By Bossip Staff

Donald Drumpf Cinco De Mayo

Donald Drumpf Officially Named GOP Candidate

We all knew it was going down…but still, WTF? Seriously…this is really happening? SMH. We guess a tiny part of us was still holding out hope that he’d just say “Psych! Just kidding, guys…” and disappear from the race. It didn’t seem like that far-fetched of a thought after yesterday’s speech shenanigan.

BUT…here we are. Via People:

Donald Drumpf garnered enough delegates to officially be named the GOP presidential nominee.

On Tuesday – day two of the Republican National Convention – Drumpf was awarded the final delegates needed to reach the mandatory 1,237 minimum, as a number of states handed him majority of their delegates, although dozens did go to his Republican primary competitors Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Ultimately, it was Drumpf’s home state of New York, announced by his son Donald Drumpf Jr., which gave him the final votes and some extras.

Ugh. Please go vote, y’all. That’s all we can say…


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