Tiny and Toya Say They Are Attracted to Thugs, Are You?

- By Bossip Staff

Tiny openly admitted to being attracted to thugs on the “Tiny and Toya” reality show. Listening to Tiny and her Mom, no surprise there. Here is our question of the day: What percentage of Black women do you think share this attraction?

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  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!


  • http://bossip I`ll Talk about what I want to talk about Nucca !

    3rd or 15th by now ! HOLLA

  • Negrodamus Believes(Any day he doesn't eat dinner out the trash can is a good day)

    I think this epidemic faded circa 2002, but people need to realize there is a generation of bastard children on the way. I tell these females to stay away from these short light-skinned brothers SMH. lol

  • mel

    i looooove rough thug love xoxo

  • Angee

    I was when I was younger!

  • Angee


    Loving your gravie, not a fan of surfing but you looking real nice. That is you, right?

  • http://perryone779@yahoo.com rose by any other name

    white women are the biggest ones who go for black thugs, but then again ive seen white women with all kinds of black men, old ones, young ones, fat ones skinny ones, nerdy ones, thuggy ones, gary coleman type ones!!!!!

  • wash ya ass

    If they like thugs , why are they both with some studio gangsters??? T.I . and Weezy are both the biggest most successful CB4’s out there. aint no thugs in hiphop, these cats are potraying dudes that are NOW locked up , who they used-to glorify and look up to. but what do you expect from two dumb ho’s

  • cw

    Their show is the worst thing i’ve seen. and Tiny must have done ACID in her younger days cause she talks slow like she not working with a full deck of cards. and toya….oh it’s no point to comment on her. she had a kid at 14 with an idiot. need i say more and now she just plain ole special cause she not over Lil wayne and he got like a million other kids and baby mamas. black women, stop the madness PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  • Somer

    Most black women who are uneducated, single or broke. Yes, I know educated women (especially in Atl) like thugs but they would fall into the single category. Thugs are not really marriage material so they keep these niccas on the low away from the family reunion.

  • Somer

    @CW………Tiny talk like someone hit her real hard in the mouth. She talk like she had recently had oral surgery. Remember the show was taping when T.I was still out so he could be the new Ike Turner.

  • http://Bossip Cry Baby

    I think all guys have a little Thug in them, if they didn’t then they would get punked. The thing is you have to know when to put out the “Thugizzle” and when to be a gentlemen.



  • bobbie


  • Sexy&Smart

    i hear ya, King/Queen Israelite….the Truth shall prevail… Love, Respect & Honor….

  • WordtotheWise

    I’ve been around for a long time, and I don’t know any black women who like thugs, period. I think many women of all races are attracted to thugs or the thug type, bad boys, roughnecks, etc. I would never, ever date, marry, or even look at a thug. Think about it. You have bikers (usually white), Latino gang members, and hard core men in prison of every race who have girlfriends/wives. Are they all black? Hell no, so I don’t know why black women are always singled out.


    I dont want a thug but I dont want an Oreo either. Give me a good brother who knows where he came from but is done with the “hood” lifestyle.

  • Treez

    these are the type of ignorant b*tches we need to force sterilization on…

  • Monie

    Who would want to be with Tiny but a thug. I mean really, can you imagine Tiny or the other one with a doctor or a lawyer. So they better say they love thugs.

  • Sanjor

    “I think all guys have a little Thug in them”

    **I agree with that to a certain extent, GASP, did I just say that? I have never gone for the pants hanging, grills in the mouth, standing on the corner no job having thug, I will say this. My husband works in an environment with a lot coal and soot. When he comes home from work wearing bandana on his head, jeans and t-shirt, its a total turn on. He can barely get in the door because I’m jumping on him, lol.

  • blaq

    The media is obsessed with emasculating the black man. For instance can anyone name one sucessful black comedian who has not dressed up like a woman and imitate their sassy black sistas for all to laugh at. After generations of processed hair and eyeliner the black entertainment world produced a masculine model and labeled it “Thug”, black women in particular embraced this man who wasn’t interested in her make-up bag and would protect them at all cost. In the era of the metro-sexuals, women just long for a man’s man. Now as for these children who think a thug can be found on 106 and Park, this is another issue. Bad Boys will always have appeal in all circles, they think outside of the box and take chances, they are brave. Most women want a masculine, brave man who is not afraid to take chances, but as we get older we just want somebody who pays the bills, comes home at night, takes out the garbage, plays with the kids and only spend about 15 min getting ready. Luv ya honey! lol

  • Kami All Day


    Hahaha…..for real!

    No wonder these dudes dont have to try hard or change to get a female. As long as you have gutter bucket chicks out there, thugs will always have it easy.

    The nice, straight-forward guys are the ones that get overlooked…but I guess birds dont like men who give respect, have legal jobs, wont hit them, etc….

    Birds like drama.


    Tiny and Toya are hoodrats. What did you expect them to say?

  • Man, I just don't care™

    I like ghetto chicks and I don’t care what anyone says.

    Couple of gold teeth, a few tatts, some corn rows and multiple piercings and I’m bout to propose.


    The thugs dont want Black women. They been in jail so long they are looking for the gay Black men when they get out. They get used to that and start craving it. SMH.

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