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Cory Booker Explains Why He Still Loves Donald Trump After Mean-Spirited Attacks

Senator Cory Booker took on bigoted billionaire Donald Trump the only way he knows how to. With love and kindness according to Raw Story:

Appearing on CNN Tuesday morning, the senator was asked to respond to Donald Trump’s assertion that if Booker is the Democratic Party’s future, then it has “no future.” But instead of slamming Trump, Booker decided to respond by killing him with kindness.

“I love Donald Trump — I’m going to say that,” Booker said. “I don’t want to answer hate with hate — I’m going to answer it with love. I’m not going to answer his darkness with darkness. I know his kids and his family… are good people.”

Not content with this not-so-subtle trolling, Booker then started really laying it on thick.

“I love you, Donald — I pray for you,” he said. “I hope that you find some kindness in your heart, that you’re not going to be somebody who spews out insults to your political opposition, that you’re going to start finding some ways to love… I’m going to keep loving on him. I’m going to tell the truth about him, but I’m going to keep loving on him, praying for the best for him and his family.”



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