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Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman Says #AllLivesMatter Because #BlackLivesMatter Wants To Kill Police

At one point, Richard Sherman was a man that thousands, if not millions, of black people rushed to defend when he was called all types of “n***ers” and “thugs” for his raucous and emotional comments in a post-game interview.

Yesterday, that pedestal crumbled like the Seahawks potential Superbowl XLIX comeback.

In an interview with TheUndefeated, Sherman went full-blown #AllLivesMatter on us and we’re not sure if we’ll ever look at him the same.

What is your opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement?

It’s hard to formulate an opinion and generalize because they have several different messages. Some of them are peaceful and understandable and some of them are very radical and hard to support. Any time you see people who are saying, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ and then saying it’s time to kill police, then it is difficult to stand behind that logic. They are generalizing police just like they are asking police not to generalize us. It is very hypocritical. So, in that respect, I find it difficult to fully support that movement.

I stand by what I said that All Lives Matter and that we are human beings. And speaking to police, I want African-Americans and everybody else treated decently. I want them treated like human beings. And I also want the police treated like human beings. I don’t want police officers just getting knocked off in the street who haven’t done anything wrong.

Those are innocent lives.

Brotha Sherman, if you think that #BlackLivesMatter is about killing police, then you have been grossly misinformed (probably by white people like Bill O’Reilly).

It’s pretty disappointing that an educated black man like Richard Sherman doesn’t seem to grasp the TRUE purpose of the movement.

Flip it over to see some other things Richard had to say about his fellow athletes and how they should mobilize going forward.

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